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I saw the Nitroplus mascot for many years before learning her name was Super Sonico (which isn’t really a name, but ok). She’s often cast into PVC figures with accidentally sexy gravure-model poses. She never caught my eye until I discovered her 10th anniversary wedding version, and realized how THICC she was. That figure was prohibitively expensive by the time I found it, but I’ve begun amassing a small army of cheaper Sonicos until I’m rich enough to afford the wedding version.

As far as I know, Super Sonico is related to Miku Hatsune, the neon-haired mascot for Vocaloid, through an episode of SoniAni where Sonico wears a Racing Miku outfit. That’s what she’s wearing for this figure–I mean, she’s trying to wear it. I assume the Good Smile Racing sponsors gave her the wrong size and snickered as her ribcage slowly collapsed from the tightness. “At least she’s got the cake!” they would have told themselves. Super Sonico seems the kind of character who took this in stride, ignorant of how attractive she was because that’s the kind of blissful world anime mascots occupy.

Here, Sonico adapted the trademark pigtails and grey/green futuristic outfit from Miku. There are red, blue, and turquoise studs that adorn the outfit and possibly hold it together. Her green skirt is so short it may as well not be there, but thank God for that transparent skirt that sits above it! This figure is NOT a cast-off, and I think that’s a refreshing twist on the character, because Miku is generally a “Safe For Work” mascot. To be sure, Sonico still has large breasts and an ass bigger than Olympus Mons, but those luminous eyes and broad smile are endearing. She’s even doing that “lean-forward hip-thrust” pose girls do in pictures nowadays. Compared to other figures where her bikini straps are about to break, or that figure where her knees touch her head like a baby about to get a diaper change, Racing Ver. Sonico is almost normal. Ignore the fact her tie is being swallowed by her breasts.

As always, it’s the lower halves of PVC waifus that grab my attention. Super Sonico is a genuinely plump character, and has the calves and thighs to prove it. Her pantyhose fit tight enough to cut off blood circulation, so her thighs bulge out as a result. Her ample legs lead to wide hips and glorious white buttocks, where white undies are barely visible through her cheeks. These legs and thighs should be on the Popeyes menu. Super Pochaco and Cattleya are the only characters I can think of with more flattering fannies.


That’s enough for my Super Sonico worshipping, which pretty much boiled down to, “Look at that ass!” Enjoy the pictures, everyone. The checkerboard backdrop for these photos can be found here by Nicolas Raymond under Creative Commons License – Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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