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Houtengeki is a digital artist with a talent for drawing fine fantasy women. Part of that success comes from his understanding of light, apparent in his use of sfumato or gently transitioning colors and light. He’s also good at curves, and volume–and thiccness! This figure is based on an illustration of Bastet, the Egyptian god in charge of protecting pharaohs. She was also a cat goddess, which is clearly the focus here and for good reason.

The first thought that comes to mind after seeing Bastet might be Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” cover, where the artist similarly teases with her hindquarters while peering over her shoulder. The pose is undeniably seductive. Do we want to spin Bastet around to see what the rest of her body looks like, or is this booty enough? This is “sculpture in the round,” artwork that demands audiences see the entire piece in 360 degrees to truly comprehend it.

In the original illustration, Bastet’s eyelids are slightly squinted, which suggests to me mischievousness. I think that her body language conveys this sentiment anyway, so it’s nice to see Pulchra gave her a more innocent disposition. Bastet probably has the happiest face of any figure in my collection, with her teeth showing as she smiles, and curious red eyes seeking whatever has grabbed her attention. She’s very cute.

Bastet is NOT a cast-off figure, which will probably shock many of my Instagram followers. I think most figures with removable clothing are better looking with them on. Much like the way Bastet denies viewers full view of herself, clothing leaves things to the imagination, and that anticipation is where most of the voyeuristic rush comes from. It’s not as if we don’t already get a view of her full breasts, fleshy thighs, wide hips and contoured back.

Many of Bastet’s best features are in the details. I think her calf-length gladiator heels are absolutely beautiful. Her golden shoes, gauntlets, and earring are a good accent her bronze-red skin and jet-black hair. Her hands are delicate and slender, with pink nail polish on each finger. One of her hands is wrapped around an Egyptian-style Hitachi Magic Wand; that explains why she’s hiding from us.

You’ll hear very few complaints about Bastet from me. There are some spots, most notably on her right shoe and necklace, where paint is missing or applied poorly. But those details are minor compared to my overwhelming satisfaction with this vivacious figure. I preordered her months ago, and the anticipation for her release, especially after her two month delay, was well worth the wait.

Enjoy the photos! I was fortunate in that the sun was setting just outside my window, so there’s fantastic lighting here.

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