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2020 Preorders and Wishlist

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Sorry for the dearth of blog posts! I’ve gotten a number of figures since Reika, the naughty housemaid who is actually a succubus(?) The manga didn’t explain much, but I guess no one reads doujinshi for the plot. This time around, I’d like to present some NSFW figures I’ve already preordered for 2020, as well as items on my wishlist. Many of these items will likely remain on my wishlist due to financial constraints I can’t avoid next year, but life goes on, and hopefully I can obtain these grails soon enough.

1. Ayame by Ban! (After Dec. 2019)

I ordered this baby March 2019, which feels like forever ago. I’ve learned that preorders–especially of pricier figures–tend to be delayed. Ayame was scheduled for November release but is now slated for after December. I had some bouts of buyer’s remorse with Ayame early on, but I’m now resolved to see her in my detolf. In addition to his skillfully rendering voluptuous women, Ban! is also great at drawing faces that actually want to participate in lewd acts. Consent is key!

2. Laura Mischief (2019 unknown?)

Seeing as how 2019 has come and gone, I hope we’ll see this figure released sometime next year. She’s an original character as far as I know, manufactured by Kalmia and I.V.E. The more important aspects for me is she was designed by Houtengeki, responsible for my (favorite?) figure, Bastet. Laura’s a winged devil of some sort, olive skinned and blond like many of my other figures. I’m most interested because along with her aforementioned features, her gentle falling pose reminds me of Kat from Gravity Rush. I’d never ask for a lewd Kat, but this is a close second.

3. Sonia (April 2020)

I don’t own any Tony Taka figures. He has so many of them I hardly know where to begin. I do like Sonia, though. She’s lithe and robed in airy white silks, holding a white beach ball I’m obsessed with. It looks like it’s made of glass! Over the past few weeks I’ve played with Scheherazade in Fate Grand Order, and I’ve grown to like her ambiguously Middle Eastern clothing and golden, jeweled adornments. Sonia wears them with the same amount of scarcity, leaving very little to the imagination.

4. Zhaojun (April 2020)

I recently saw this figure on Hobby Search. I know little of its manufacturer, Soukoyusha, but their figures are beautiful. Zhaojun rests on a branch as she plays what the internet says is a “pipa.” As this seems to be an original series, there’s not much detail I can offer, but I do look forward to seeing other figures in this series.

5. Little Red Riding Hood (April 2020)

Rocket Boy makes the best figures. I love my Slingshot Babe, and so I couldn’t help noticing Little Red Riding Hood on their Native website. I watched her for a few months before finally preordering in November. The immediacy of her pose is captivating: there’s only one thing she’s prepared for in this moment. She even has a string of condoms! I don’t know about anyone else, but I think this is as tasteful as erotic figures can be before bleeding into outright pornography.

6. Chitose Ito (June 2020)

From the aptly named project “I Want You to Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear” comes Chitose Ito, a maid who makes a disgusted face while showing us her underwear. Back to my earlier comment on consenting faces, this normally would have flown under my radar. The difference here is the overwhelming sense of pity one feels from Chitose, who knows her fans are repressed and possibly ostracized otaku. Combined with a more demure posing and remarkable attention to detail (look at that chair!), I think this figure is both amusing and quite impressive.

7. Ping Hai (July 2020)

I have a “No Lolicon” policy when it comes to figures. They don’t do anything for me artistically or sexually, the latter of which is far more important in my opinion because of JAIL. That said, I think Ping Hai is a cute figure. My eye goes to the green water floaty, and the gravity-defying blue towel is visually arresting. The folds of flesh at the hips, and the sculpting of the abdominals is good attention to detail. The entire figure and its accessories are suspended in mid-air; very cool.

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