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How to Buy Waifus: Budgets

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I’ve been asked a couple of times on Instagram, “Where can I buy lewd figures like yours?” If you’re used to buying prize figures for $40 at a local shop or at anime conventions, I think that’s a wise use of your cash, and you shouldn’t buy NSFW waifus (or husbandos). If, however, you’re lured by the thought of tiny, nude people who stare at you from glass cabinets, then I can help.

There’s one question you can’t avoid when it comes to buying waifus…

What’s your budget?

For those of you who are new to the lewd figure game, I think a budget of $100-$150 is great for buying attractive, higher-end figures that don’t make you look like a total pervert. Megahouse makes a crapload of One Piece, Naruto, and DBZ girls at relatively cheap prices; my Android 18 cost a little over $100. Her clothes don’t come off, but a mainstream brand like DBZ wouldn’t do that.

Android 18

There are some cast-off figures in the $100-$150 range, and some for even less money than that, but they may come at the expense of quality, and probably won’t satisfy people interested in full-nudity. My Sansei Muramasa is amazing for what I paid; Alisa from God Eater 2, though, is honestly disappointing. Her skirt isn’t easy to put on, and her eyes aren’t equidistant from her nose. My Rias Gremory is cute, but her wings are impossible to put on, and her crotch is smoothed over instead of detailed.

If you have access to $150-$200, you open the window to most NSFW and cast-off figures at 1/6 scale. The big league manufacturers, like Skytube and Daiki Kougyo, are in this range. Because the figures themselves aren’t more than $120 to $150, the biggest consideration at this point should be shipping cost, which brings prices closer to $200. Unfortunately, most sites can’t calculate shipping until the finished product is weighed in grams, and for preorders this simply cannot be known. Price also fluctuates depending on how quickly you want delivery. I always use EMS option on Hobby Search, which charges between $30 and $60 on average but has the speediest delivery. My Bertille, Bastet, and Ayame fall into the $150-$200 price range.

At the upper levels of NSFW figures is anything over $200. Figures that pricy are either preorders from high-end manufactures like Native, or older figures from after-market sellers. My figures in this range are Photo Shoot Super Pochaco, followed by Marie Mamiya, and Slingshot Babe, although they were all were purchased years after initial release. I’ve established $300 as a personal limit on figures, at least until I’m wealthy enough not to need that money for paying bills and such. The only time I’ve broken this rule is for Jeanne Alter, and that was after shipping.

Now, there are plenty of figures for over $300 after shipping; I’ve not reached this echelon of fandom. From what I’ve seen, these goods are pushing 1/4 scale and above, and exist in limited runs. I don’t own any, but I really wanted Sawara Ayaka and Olga Discordia, both by Native’s BINDing imprint, when they were released. As you can see, these figures are usually kneeling for some reason. Maybe their boxes would be too large if they stood tall.

There are many lewd and cast-off figures I own that would have been cheaper had I preordered them, instead of discovering them after-market and paying double the original price. That said, don’t let fear of missing out rush you into placing an order you can’t afford; many sites make you pay upfront for the figure, even if it won’t be released for another year. Hobby Search gives you a week to reconsider after placing an order, which is one reason why I prefer the site. AmiAmi also lets you cancel, although they spook buyers into thinking their account will be closed for it.

Budgets are important for figure collectors–especially in the NSFW business–but they’re not the only reason we buy. I love most of my waifus (except Alisa), and bought most of them only after searching many days for the best price. If there’s something you really want, chances are you’ll find a way to afford it. If you don’t have the money for lewd titty girls, consider yourself lucky.

3 responses to “How to Buy Waifus: Budgets”

  1. theunsaidpoet Avatar

    Excellent post senpai 🧐 I am one of the u lucky people to have the money for the lewd ladies and now that I’ve officially copped one I feel my wallet tremble XD I’m sure the newbies will be most appreciative of your knowledge.


    1. Goatius Avatar

      Yes, your wallet will hate you🤣 I eventually listened to mine and now we’re friends again

      Liked by 1 person

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