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How to Buy Waifus: Brands

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Welcome to part three of How to Buy Waifus! In part one, we discussed how deep pockets often mean better figures–not always, but often. Last week, we covered the pros and cons of buying preowned figures. This week, we briefly get into the juicy stuff: the people who make those naughty waifus 😮

If you manage to find some waifus you like, you’ll notice there’s a limited number of manufacturers and distributors, and each one has their specialty. Next time you’re on the prowl, look up these brands:


If we’re talking cast-off figures, Native is arguably at the top of the pyramid. They specialize in higher quality scales, and occasionally articulated figures. A penchant for bunny girls and bondage makes their wares unforgettable, but even if you’re not into that, it’s hard to dispute how well made their work is. The figures aren’t posing like stiff gravure idols: they’re doing stuff, caught in the throes of orgasmic passion.

Daiki Kougyou

When I said Native is “arguably” at the top of the NSFW pyramid, I had Daiki Kougyou in mind. Their figures are less hardcore than some of Native’s offerings–and for a neophyte collector of lewd figures, that might be a good thing. Daiki focuses on swimsuits, sundresses, school uniforms, and plump bodies (think Playboy). If you like the female form and its curves, these are the figures you want. Their figures are also cheaper than Native’s.


SkyTube, an imprint of Alphamax, is hard for me to pin down thematically because their offerings are diverse. They have many figures in cheongsam or yukata, and some in uniform and dance outfits, and others in sportswear. Prolific artist Tony Taka, according to MyFigureCollection, has illustrated over 200 SkyTube figures for production. If you think Daiki is too vanilla and Native is too extreme, SkyTube is the place one can find a happy medium.

Hobby Japan

Chances are that if you own a figure from a major anime, Hobby Japan was involved at some point or other. Hobby Japan isn’t exactly a manufacturer of lewd figures, but they work with groups who do: Orchid Seed, Amakuni, and Megahouse among them. They do owns properties that people hold near and dear, like Queen’s Blade, Seven Mortal Sins, and Bikini Warriors–all the shows you watched because of their great plots, right?

In summary…

This post covered the major figure distributors and manufacturers I’m familiar with, but there are more. My maid Reika is a Lechery product, and Marie Mamiya is a Dragon Toy figure. I’ve heard bad news about Pulchra, but they did a perfect job with Bastet, so I’m willing to buy again from them. Daiki Kougyou is my favorite right now, due to their consistently big, juicy women.

What are your favorite lewd figure brands?

2 responses to “How to Buy Waifus: Brands”

  1. theunsaidpoet Avatar

    Of course it’s for the plot!! A great post. I’ve heard the same about Pulchra and similar feedback for Insight and FOTS primarily. Their QC needs some work maybe but I’m happy with my FOTS figure. Thank you for your wisdom!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Goatius Avatar

      Wow, these are manufacturers I haven’t heard of! You might be the lewd senpai here…


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