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Hana Fukiishi by Skytube

Hana Fukiishi by Skytube (NSFW)

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Hello, everyone! For starters, this is not Pvc_waifus bringing in the lewd review today. The wise and kind kouhai (as we’ve determined) is allowing a newbie blogger into their sacred place of plastic lady love; coincidentally, I’m known as on my Eva-enthusiastic Instagram (shameless self-plug is a go). Introductions aside, I’m here to talk about the lovely Hana Fukiishi, a voluptuous, blue haired, bunny-eared, original character created by Alphamax in their lewd line, Skytube.


Skytube is a well-known maker of luxurious ladies, and their figures are a little cheaper on the dime then some other big 18+ manufacturers. Even so, Hana still runs on the pricey side, so unless you’re a “scales only” collector, she isn’t for the casual wallet. 

This figure is an absolute beauty and my grand entrance into cast-off territory. I’ve long desired getting a curvy cast-off for my growing figure collection. Up until Hana, I have always hesitated to buy them because as mother to a six-year-old boy, I don’t want him to have repressed nightmares when he’s in his twenties about the time he walked into mommy’s room, surrounded by a bunch of tiny plastic titties and vajayjays. But that’s one of the things that makes Hana so great: not only is her quality and paint job top notch, but her castoff functions are minimal, and her clothed version is classy.

Hana sports a “magician’s assistant” ensemble, with the well-known Playboy bunny ears and real–that’s right, boys and girls–REAL fishnet stockings. Although this is a common design for bunny girl figures, it’s rare for a 1/7 scale. Hana’s pose is a “bend low” to show off those priceless assets and draw attention to her… bunny tail in the rear. She’s tempting, sexy, but also covered well enough to have on display, raising only a few eyebrows or concerned naggings at family functions. While I’d like to say Hana’s clothed version doesn’t cross the NSFW line, I don’t recommend pulling out the archaic drop-down wallet album for your boss.

When it comes to the cast-off portion, it’s a lot easier to take off than Pvc_waifus’ Ayame figure. Hana’s vest and coattails do not have the option to be removed, but you can expose her breasts quite simply by popping the cups off her outfit. There are even an extra set of these removable cups for the (possible) circumstance one or both cups are lost to the void. Keep in mind though, these extra cups are meant for a little more nip slippage than the original pair.


Hana’s panties can also be removed; however, this does require some deconstruction, which I didn’t realize at first. It took 30 minutes of fooling around with her microscopic thong until her hips miraculously and terrifyingly disconnected from each other. “EUREKA!” the perv in me screamed. Her panties can be undone via a surprisingly secure but easy to unlatch clip.

The con, and perhaps the only con with this figure, is that only one side of the panties can be unclipped. You’ll need to pull her off her steel pegs (without breaking her delicate ankles or tearing the tights) to fully remove the pantsu if you’d like to change the display. The plus side to this is that you can recreate that slow panty pull-down you see in movies. 

Overall, I’d venture to say that Hana is now one of the most beautiful figures I own. Skytube’s soft blend painting skills, along with their detailed sculpting abilities, brings the bunny girl dream to reality. Even if you’re like me and need to retain some sort of respectable facade in front of your children, she can be displayed among your other figures clothed, with her most striking feature of neon blue hair to help her stand out from the crowd. You can always sneak a peek at the goods when the kids aren’t home. Wink wink nudge nudge…no? Ok.

As a final parting note, Hana Fukiishi has a few more figures on the market and a new one on the way: she sports this specific bunny outfit, a racing bunny version, or the more traditional playboy leotard. ALSO, big thanks to the wise Pvc_waifus for letting me borrow his blog and to his readers. I’ll be back to accost you with a couple more posts in the future.


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