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Nitocris (Third Ascension)

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Yooo, it’s Lady Red coming at you with another review! I hope you’ve all been well during this peculiar moment in human history. In reference to my buddy PVC_Waifu’s last post, the COVID-19 pandemic has left me with fewer figures arriving in the mail but luckily I have a crap ton of figures lacking reviews, hint hint. But for this one I opted for the new(ish)ly released 1/7 scale of Nitocris (Third Ascension) by Amakuni and Hobby Japan. For those who might be unfamiliar with the Egyptian beauty, who hails from the gacha-hell game Fate/Grand Order, where the hell have you been? Just kidding. She really isn’t THAT well known outside of the fandom.

Since I’m relatively new to the Fate series myself (outside of Stay/Night), I don’t know if Nitocris appeared in any other animation or manga prior to Camelot. Nevertheless, she is based off the legend of Nitocris, the last pharaoh in the 6th ancient dynasty of Egypt. Wielding her royal scepter, she harnesses the gateway to the underworld where she unleashes the souls of the dead upon her enemies. Pretty cool, right? Plus, her animu waifu design is absolutely bangin’.

Don’t let my “AMAZING” photo skills hide the many flaws of this figure.

First and foremost, Nitocris’ sculpt is stunning and we all know “stunning” is the top tier descriptor for figure collectors on reddit. Every curve of her body, to the small details on her staff, are well done. I’m not familiar with Amakuni, but they captured the voluptuous curves in a soft and sensual way that brings me back to my .png servant card that I woo in the digital realm of my iPhone. Amakuni also did an ok job on the shading. There are a few flaws here and there as any figure might have, but the airbrushing on her skin was pleasant. She is true to her original skin color and it gives the faintest of glow that pairs nicely with her gold embellishments.

Nito also comes with her trope sidekick, the Medjed. The Medjed is a low-level god with a literal sheet over its head that can be summoned infinitely by Nitocris. I think having the well-crafted, weirdo ties the figure together. As a side note, if you order the exclusive version you get THREE of these creepy little f*cks. The problem with the Medjed is that they have their own base (which is nicer than Nitocris’), but they have no pegs. That means any wobble or toe stub sends the bastard flying off the cabinet or making a concerning loud crash against a glass shelf. With that in mind, I can safely segue into why this figure was sadly, a disappointment.

unnamed (1)
I used a sheet background to take a picture of the sheet god. Ba-dum-tish. 

Nitocris is full of QC issues. Imagine pulling her gently from the fitted plastic only to be mortified as her head plops off from her neck and onto the floor. Yeah, that happened! Her head was severed from the neck and a portion of her hair was broken at the seam. This was not an isolated incident, either. There are several complaints from other buyers of break damage for Nitocris at all the same areas. Having to whip out the ol’ trusty super glue for something I had anticipated for months was disheartening to say the least. To top it off, wedging her onto the sad excuse for a peg led the actual peg holder to snap completely off the base.

This is the lil b*tch part that broke off the base. Luckily, I’m a wizard at super gluing plastic.

I almost cried for reals. Again, this was not an isolated incident. The breakage of the peg holder attached to the base was and is a common complaint for our Goddess. I can’t help but feel Amakuni/Hobby Japan did her dirty. Considering the amount of delays and the high price point of $230 bucks, she could have been better equipped to survive basic figure handling.

My final thoughts on the Amakuni’s Nitocris is simply: don’t buy her. On top of the breakage issues, the figure is brittle, and the mass amount of hair makes her top heavy. I’m positive this figure won’t survive the single foot peg without extra support, so expect to see her severed head relocated somewhere on your floor when you come home. My advice is to wait for a better company to pick up Nitocris and deliver her the justice she deserves. The $30 noodle stopper is better quality than this one.

Check out Vaistar Studio’s Instagram here: HERE

And that’s that my friends! This was kind of a lengthy one, so I appreciate best Kouhai’s generosity and patience with me while I worked on getting this review to his blog. Until the next time!


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