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COVID-19 Preorders and Delays

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The world’s postal system is going through some tough times. Japan Post has suspended international shipping for the time being. As an American, this means I’d have to opt for DHL shipping. Unfortunately, DHL is the most expensive option by far, so I’m going to wait this crisis out and pay for Express Mail Service (EMS) whenever things get back to normal. With that in mind, check out the goodies I’m waiting for:

Altria Alter Swimsuit Version – Fate/Grand Order (E2046)

I wasn’t lucky enough to get Saber Maid during last year’s summer event, but I remember loving her badass outfit and being jealous of my gatcha whale friends. When Grizzry Panda designed this figure, I kept an eye on her until the very last one was available on E2046. I’ve never ordered from the site, but I believe they make garage kit knockoffs from resin. The bad news, which I didn’t know until I ordered, is Amakuni is already working on an official PVC version of Altria Alter. I’m not opposed to resin, but supporting the official licensors would have been nice.

Belldandy – Ah My Goddess! (FREEing)

When my friend first introduced me to this series, I hated Belldandy. She’s so vanilla, and fawns over Keiichi out of an obligation that eventually turns into true love. At some point my feelings about Belldandy changed: she presents a certainly problematic, but relatable appeal for unconditional love which only a goddess could provide. Aesthetically, her hair has that Tenchi Muyo! vibe I love, and that royal blue color scheme is divine. She’s made a believer out of me.

Unlike the other figures I’m waiting for, Belldandy is a gift from a friend. Thanks, @fallettus!

Date Reiko Wingfeld – Fault!! (Skytube)

When people talk about buying their “holy grail figures,” I often can’t think of one. I’d like a bunch of figures that cost many different prices, and most of which can’t fit into my detolfs. Every time I saw Reiko, however, I knew I needed to buy her someday. I recently saw her on JFigure for a reasonable price and decided to go for it. As far as body type, she’s daintier than I’m used to, but to me, she feels angelic and airy and innocent, like a flower in full bloom. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy. Don’t obsess over chastity, my friends.

Kamino Shizuku (Skytube)

Another Skytube girl, Shizuku looks like a bride ready for action after a long wedding reception. She apparently drank all the champagne in the room. As the spouse (or figure collector), we’re given the honor of removing her metaphorical and literal flowers. I don’t know about anyone else, but I had the hardest time finding reasons not to preorder her. Shizuku can sit right next to my Musamasa and they can share stories about bridal showers, and where they shopped for lingerie.

Makinami Mari Illustrious – Evangelion (Flare)

I was obsessed with this figure when I first saw the all-gray, unfinished version. She had a muscular torso and beautiful hips, and still has them in this finished version. But finances are tough nowadays. Do I love her enough to keep, or should I resell? If it comes to the latter choice, I’ll easily make my money back and then some more. All I know is she’s got some finely sculpted legs that will make any collector happy, even though Mari has no ass to speak of. As one poet said on MFC, “Ass too flat. Gorgeous other than that.”

Nanami Hina – Namaiki! Cover Girl (Hanabatake to Bishoujo)

Nanami is an original character by Hanabatake to Bishoujo, a manufacturer I have no experience with. I decided to give them a try because I love the design of this figure. It’s always cool to see figures caught in the middle of action–in this case disrobing. When it comes to feet on my PVC figures, I’m not a fan of toes, but I love a good foot arch, and Nanami’s right foot has a delicious arch to it. Thank god for those socks. Her face reminds me of Mamimi from FLCL, which may be the deeper reason behind my interest.

Red Riding Hood Cosplay Girl (Native, Rocket Boy)

One of my more popular figures is Slingshot Babe, another Rocket Boy figure, so Red Riding Hood is bound to be another fabulous purchase. I already covered her in my 2020 Wishlist and Preorders, but I didn’t mention how much I admire creative use of furniture for these NSFW figures. When it comes to naughty waifus, go H.A.M. or go home. My only worry is removing those detailed clothes, which sometimes scuffs up the skin color on the figures. Based on the press photos, she looks better with clothes on, so I won’t be removing them except for pics.

Rin Tohsaka – Fate/Extra: Last Encore (Aniplex)

If you guys don’t already know, I think Rin is Top 5 Waifu material. She’s at least the most competent female protagonist in the Fate/Stay Night universe. If anyone disagrees with this, I hope you can still enjoy my blog 🙂 I was thrilled to see her in the entertaining but trippy Last Encore series, and this Lancer battle armor was the coolest. Hopefully she’ll be shipped as planned, since she was slated for May release anyway, but with the world collapsing around us, I doubt she’ll be on time.

Do you guys have any figures delayed due to COVID-19? Feel free to share them in the comments, or send me pics on Instagram.

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  1. theunsaidpoet Avatar

    I don’t know what it is about the Shunya Yamashita figures by Flare (Mari Makinami) but both my Asuka and Rei (who is posed for ass viewing) have little in the ways of ass. Like it’s fine, but there ain’t no pop. I can write another poem for you: her booty aight and her body is banging, witout dat fatass tho my dick still here hangin’ ” …. XD please delete if necessary .. lol im choking.

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    1. Goatius Avatar

      LMFAO I will never delete this


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