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PVC Waifus: One Year Later

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This blog’s almost a year old! I have to admit, I didn’t know if I could keep this up for very long. Entering any community is intimidating at first: “Will anyone like my content? Why can’t I get 100 followers in a week like other people do? Will Instagram stop shadow banning me?” We’ve pushed through the fears and found relative fame among a niche group of figure collecting perverts. Here’s four things PVC Waifus has achieved, and what it’s done for me, during its first year:

500 followers and 100 posts on Instagram

My first Instagram post was a poorly lit and out of focus Slingshot Babe, which somehow got 37 likes. Maybe people saw the potential in PVC Waifus. Maybe they said, “This pic is so bad, but at least he’s trying.” Or maybe the sight of nubile breasts barely contained was irresistible. Either way, it’s been a climb to 500 followers. I’ve learned to take less lewd pics for Instagram, post pics of more popular characters, and to put up warnings if I get too graphic. Right now I’m trying to personally thank all of my 500 fans. I immediately regret making that promise–because it’s super time consuming– but I’ll get it done.

I also managed to post 100 times! I don’t build dioramas or anything, so I’d like to try something like that in the near future. For now, I continue fighting with overexposure from the sun, poor lighting indoors, and my iPhone 7 Plus.

Befriending Lady Red

I can’t remember how Lady Red ( and I got to talking on Instagram, but it looks like her first comment was on a Super Sonico pic I took. She quickly became a good friend of mine, the absolute number one senpai. Her pics are top-notch, and her sense of humor is something you’ve all seen from her recent contributions to the blog. You won’t find a cooler person on the Internet, trust me. As for why she loves red, I assume it’s related to Asuka from Evangelion…but red is also the best color on the spectrum. Go team red!


I’ve been blogging for almost a decade, and I’ve seen that when most people start out, they obsess over “objectivity” in their writing–I was guilty of this myself. But I don’t give a shit about that anymore. I just want to write about loving plastic tits and ass, and I want to meet people who also fawn over the waifus. Will PVC Waifus ever make baller money? Hell no. But if you love what we love, and want some good friends who think fapping to fake people is beautiful, then hang out with us, and donate if you can.

An excuse to buy more waifus

I live in a one-bedroom apartment. I have two detolfs, and I’m considering a third one very soon, but my wife isn’t keen on having another shrine in the house. I don’t blame her. I’m clearly addicted to throwing money away at things I don’t need, and keeping the waifus in a place they don’t fit. I don’t even keep the boxes for them, which totally shreds their resale value but I don’t have a choice. The moral of the story is that I can’t keep up this blog on random anecdotes about my personal life. This is PVC Waifus, and now I’m trapped into keeping up with the latest figure trends or I risk losing it all! This is waifu-or-die, baby!

Thanks for a great first year, everyone. I hope we can drool over plastic bodies for many years to come.

2 responses to “PVC Waifus: One Year Later”

  1. theunsaidpoet Avatar

    You’re gonna make me weep ;-; it’s been awesome my friend and thank you for letting me tag along in your journey of tiny plastic tiddies. To our friendship and into waifu Valhalla 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Goatius Avatar

      I can’t wait to meet Waifu Odin, and Waifu Thor, and Waifu Loki, and Waifu Heimdall…


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