Date Wingfield Reiko: Fault!!

Fault!! is a visual novel about high schoolers who play tennis, with “fault” being the penalty for landing the ball outside of the play area. So, are people who play Fault!! flagrant rule breakers? Am I a loser in the game of life for liking this figure? I’m not sure what the messaging is here. What I do know is this is my first Tony Taka figure, which means if I’m a loser, I’m the coolest loser I know.

In this VN that I’ve never played, Reiko is the third-year student manager of the Tennis Club. I assume she’s an ultra-successful, mixed heritage, nouveau riche princess who will someday become Prime Minister of Japan. She’s blonde, blue-eyed, has model-like proportions, and epitomizes European beauty standards. She’s a Nazi’s wet dream, at least visually. It seems the Japanese were considered “Honorary Aryans” to Hitler, which sounds like the equivalent of me giving my friends a “Black Card.”

Reiko has many cast-off clothing options: bikini top and bottom, school shirt, and sports jacket. I went with the jacket/bikini combo for practical and preferential reasons. The school shirt is nice, but very hard to secure across the chest, as if it’s just too small. One could also display her fully nude…well, almost. The shoes and socks don’t come off, which is fine with me. Toes creep me out. If y’all like toes, more power to you.

I purchased Reiko from, a site specializing in used figures. I don’t have a problem with used figures, but this one came with some interesting blemishes despite the A/A condition rating on the website. You might notice red lines across her left breast and torso where the bikini top would rest. I was initially disappointed, but it didn’t make sense to stay upset because (a) on a real girl, a tight bra would leave marks anyway, (b) I like to imagine Reiko has a bondage kink that caused the lines, and (c) JFigure doesn’t accept returns.

Reiko has been a Holy Grail figure for me ever since I began collecting. SkyTube does a good job of retaining her youthful joy and cuteness. Dragon Toy has a more lustful figure of her I don’t like as much, but I guess it’s the difference between Playboy and Penthouse, right? Either way, her clothes are coming off.

Enjoy the rest of her pics below. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!

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