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Mash Kyrielight – Dangerous Beast

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Mash Kyrielight–a.k.a. best kouhai–is the Shielder servant in the gacha hell game, Fate/Grand Order. She is Ritsuka Fujimaru’s first servant, and consistently-hinted-at love interest. Then again, I’m pretty sure Ritsuka (male or female) is the prime bang-able target for most if not all the servants in FGO. That being said, Mashu is definitely a player favorite, and because of that she gets a lot of cute and sexy costumes for the audience’s viewing pleasure.

DangerousBeast Review
Check out the hilarious official lore for this card at the end of the review.

The “Dangerous Beast” Halloween costume is by far one of the more desired outfits for Mashu, but it only exists as the Craft Essence shown above. This outfit is not yet obtainable in the NA or JP FGO servers and perhaps it never will be which is why a PVC version of this sexy little number was a top preorder among Mashu fans. It’s the only prepainted version of this outfit, otherwise you’re looking at garage kits or full assembly and paint required.

Did I emulate the whole crawling into the beasts den thing? Probs not… my photos sucked this shoot lol.

HOWEVER, you really don’t need to bother with the garage kits of the “dangerous beast” because Good Smile Company blew this sculpt out of the water. Like holy shit. It’s perfect. It’s so perfect, GSC took 4 years (give or take) from prototype to release to get this Mashu into my hands. I didn’t even know who Mash was when I preordered this figure which is saying a lot about the aesthetic appeal of a plastic waifu.




Beast Mashu is generously more voluptuous then her standard look. It is a curvy figure, complete with the plump skin explosions of her outfit being too tight and a nice buffet of boob spread since she’s leaning back. She also has a very nice behind, which is hidden by her massive tail pillow. If you want a good look at her booty, then she isn’t going to sit right on her fluffy pink base, but hey to each their own. It’s for your secret viewing pleasures only… or you can just check out the pictures I took. And that’s all I’ll say for the pervy parts, it’s obvious from first glance this figure is all about sex appeal which is a little (a lot) OOC for Mashu. The rest of the figure is just a testament to good quality.



It’s like finding a mint on your pillow.

The “Dangerous Beast” Mashu figure is soft to the touch and nicely airbrushed. She also has intricate details, like the gold clasps adorning her strappy outfit thingy, to the lace design on her thigh-highs. If there was one tiny little thing to gripe about, it’s that her “rawr” hand doesn’t seemed to be shaded, so it kind of looks … rubbery? If that makes sense. It’s such a minor cosmetic issue though so I’m inclined to not give a crap.

rawr! my rubber hand will destroy you! OWO

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you’re an FGO whale or not, this figure will fit nicely on your shelf because it’s just that flipping good. I salute you Good Smile, but please don’t ever make me wait this long for a figure again. I don’t think my ass can clench anymore.

Lady Red out, yo!


*Dangerous Beast Lore*

It’s said that on Halloween night, a terrifying wolf-girl stalks the halls of Chaldea.


Oh, truly a dangerous beast…!

“By the way, what’s your opinion, Fou?”

“Fou. Foufoufoufoufou.”

(First, her belly’s great. She’s got a little more fat than usual, right? You should give me a mad respect for not stopping her from eating too many dumplings. I have no comment about the destructive power of her breasts at this point. I was well aware of it already. But I was so surprised that my coat changed. Mash looks bustier when she’s not wearing a shirt…

It’s dangerous. Very dangerous. The overall color scheme isn’t quite my thing, but purple is the perfect color for Halloween. It’s noble, innocent, and lewd. Maybe we should make an extra class just for her, you know?)

“Hmm, I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t understand the way you think at all!”

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