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Yomu Tights characters offering gifts

On today’s journey through the MyFigureCollection clubs, I came across a newbie: JKs, or Joshi Kousei (high-school girl). Growing up, I was painfully nerdy, acne-ridden, and wore thick-rimmed glasses–none of which helped with the ladies. I also had a habit of confessing my love to a lot of girls, and getting rejected by most of them. Needless to say, I never fetishized my time in school. This recently changed when I saw my wife in a plaid skirt and pigtails, and thought to myself, “That’s kinda hot.”

Several girls in various school uniforms

The JKs club is exclusively devoted to original erotic characters in high-school girl uniforms–no old kids or milfs allowed, and no Love Live! or idol stuff. I’m impressed by the laser-focus of this club, as I never realized how many figures fell into this category (131 as of this writing). The typical NSFW brands–Native, Daiki, Alphamax–all have their hands in the pot, but Union Creative has been cranking out Yomu figures; and Eighteen, a relative newcomer from what I can tell, already has a Tony Taka showing off her striped panties. Most of the girls have cast-off options, and many give you full nudity. Hanabatake no Bishoujo moves away from cheesecake porn and has some explicit masturbation. Native, always the black sheep, loves to do BDSM.

As for why anyone likes the joshi kousei look, Chris Kincaid of Manga.Tokyo wrote an excellent article explaining high school as the universal “coming-of-age” setting, a concept that developed alongside booms in anime and manga post-WWII. Carillus, from the defunct blog AOIA, gives a few valid (if not harsh) critiques of the male gaze and its desire for superiority over a na├»ve demographic. I historically avoided the JK genre for a few reasons: mostly because I like beefy, adult waifus that can suffocate me with their boobs and asses, but also because of the dubious age-of-consent issues in Japan, which don’t exactly match with my U.S. culture. The only high-school uniform waifus I own are Ikumi Mito from Food Wars, and Reiko Wingfield from Fault!! That said, I have ordered more JK figures in the past couple of month: Shininome Mio, and Nanami Hina. I really like their socks for some reason…

For those of you who have always loved high-school ero figures, contribute your vast knowledge to the JKs Club–or don’t! It’s not like I’m sponsored by them or anything. I just like to see my fellow perverts flourish. If you liked this post, check out Getting Jiggy with the Figgies for another deep dive into this PVC waifu fetish.

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