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The Peach Maid Series by Progress is a small creator’s collection distributed by the “BIG LEWD,” Native. Have any of you ever heard of Progress? Me either. They only have a few figures to their name but they sure are nice ones. Why do I bring it up? Because I’ve been wanting to review one figure from this series for a while, despite its debut waaaaay back into the yonder year of 2017.

Blade specializes in the ultra chibi so their NSFW territory is often too kawaii ( uwu )

Tabby-san is a cute and extremely adorable maid lady who doesn’t look anything like her largely proportioned maid sisters. She is petite, which I like, because it matches the nuance of her many kitty friends who are giving her a difficult time getting the mopping done.

Speaking of the cats, that is only one of the many high points of this figure. If I may say…. they are cute as fuck.

Look at these endearing lil’ bastards!!!!!!

Tabby-San is a 1/8 scale, so not only is she smol in looks: she is literally smol, hitting her peak at just above 8 inches in height. But that’s ok, because Tabby-san is honestly holy-grail quality. She is very nicely painted–I especially love the coloration of her hair, which is a dusty pink mixed with subtle yellows and purples. It makes her overall look very … well, peachy! This dusty pink highlight is also featured throughout in the shading, giving her a pastel sheen.


On top of this kawaii aesthetic, Tabby-san is also a cast-off figure. HOORAY! Unfortunately, this is where some of her flaws come in. As you might be aware, cast-off options can typically be a huge pain in the ass (both Goatius and I have expressed this in some of our other reviews), and Tabby is no exception. She’s like a freaking PUZZLE. This is scary because as you’re trying to jam pieces back onto other pieces, you’re contributing to paint bleed due to the delicate nature of Tabby’s skin tones. This puzzle is worth your time if you have patience, because her boobs are super nice. While there isn’t much detail to her…. pussy….(baddum-tish?) you can appreciate the detail of the innocent kitty pulling down her panties for you.

Purrrrfect blur lol

Final verdict? I adore this figure in all its cute glory. Her face, body, and accessories are well sculpted and detailed. For these reasons, her after market prices have nearly doubled, so getting your hands on her might mean bad news for Wallet-kun.

On a final, famous Lady Red parting note: Blade, the illustrator, is putting out another lewd lady featuring the same delightful and mischievous kittens. If you can’t get your hands on Tabby-San perhaps you can snag Chiyuru, by Alphamax, gracing us later this month.

Original Character – Skytube – Chiyuru – 1/6 (Alphamax) – June 2020 Release

*Whispers* moar pussy??? OK!!!


Peace out y’all….. I love you .___.

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