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Sarah and Chris: BINDing

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Hello everyone! I’m known as @soni.comi, and I have been graciously welcomed into the lewd review family. I have been recently collecting NSFW figures, and I post many lewd anime pictures on my Instagram. I have agreed to post reviews every other Friday on PVC Waifus, showing different types of anime figures both current and much older. The figures I have for today’s review are newer releases: BINDing’s 1/8 figures Sarah and Chris, as they are a set of two.

These two figures were always on my must-haves; it took a while for me to finally purchase them. Having collected a few BINDing figures I already knew I was not to be disappointed. I was close to purchasing Chris on her own, but after some thinking I realized Chris did not look finished without her companion, Sarah. With that, I caved in and purchased them together. These figures are not too old, Chris releasing in August 2019 and Sarah releasing that next month. They are much smaller figures, their scale being 1/8.

Chris 1/8
Sarah 1/8

Chris and Sara are shown wearing a two-piece set along with real fishnet leggings, and finished off with a pair of dark gray heels. They each have a set of adorable bunny ears (BINDing is most known for, their bunny girls). If you prefer a more NSFW option, the clothes are cast-off and reveal the girls both fully nude. Most cast-off figures add a warning when removing the clothes as the clothing can typically be rather fragile. That is not the case for Sarah and Chris: the clothing is very easy to pull off, making the set less likely to break. Their nipples are small and their pussies are not too detailed, yet you can clearly tell what it is. Despite how adorable they look completely nude, typically with cast-off figures I choose to keep the clothes on–not because they are nude but because I find it more cute that way. The fishnets and heels do not come off–which is a good thing–as those are the pieces that make the figures unique.

These figures were purchased from–a rather expensive site. At the time, they had a sale on 18+ items and it was too good for me to deny the price point, especially for that particular site. Because these these figures are not easy to find, I was lucky enough to grab the last set they had. As cute as the girls are individually, what makes them great is having them as a pair. Sarah and Chris have rather simple expressions yet sometimes it is the smaller things that really set the mood. If you ever find yourself questioning whether or not you should purchase the figures, don’t. They are adorable.

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