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Shinonome Mio

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This bodacious babe hails from some visual novel Google translates as Are you a student council member and do you like a nasty sister? In case anyone wants to know, I am no longer in school and ever since watching My Little Sister Can’t be this Cute! I’ve steered away from the sis-con thing. Alas, it has caught up to me. Curse my limited knowledge of Japanese!!!

Shinonome Mio high-angle shot with open shirt

I liked two things about Shinonome right off the bat. First: she looks tough. I assume she’s brushing hair out of her eyes, but it also looks like she’s flexing that bicep for me. Yeah, girl, beat me up! Teach me a lesson!

Shinonome Mio frontal with open white shirt and purple bowtie
Shinonome Mio flexing on these hoes

And the second thing I like? Those thigh-high socks. I mean, can you deny the pleasure of those socks? My heart melts just thinking about them. The socks are painted on, not like the more expensive, real fabric socks fancier figures have. Even so, they’re hot.

Shinonome Mio showing off beautiful blue thigh-high socks

Shinonome is a partial cast-off, so only her shirt comes off and not her panties. Yes, it was sad to realize I could not share her labia with you all. On the other hand, her hooters are amazing. Those, combined with her thick hips and sculpted abs, bring chills to my wimpy body.

The only thing I dislike about this rock-solid schoolgirl is her ultra beefy ass. Now, I worship ass like some people worship God, but Shinonome’s underwear is so tight it looks like her butt is absorbing them. Either her anus is a vacuum, or she’s flexing them gluteus muscles better than yuanherong1229. Chotto matte, Ass-sama, you are too strong for me.

Shinonome Mio with ultra beefy ass in white panties

Because this figure was released in 2015, there were some quirks I didn’t expect. I’ve heard that waifus can get a bit grimy and tacky over time, but I’d never seen it until encountering Shinonome’s white shirt. It smells like old plastic. It’s very pliable, and has a tinge of yellow to it. But the worst part is how slimy it feels. You have to remove it to access her chest, and I hated every minute of it. Rinsing it with water and wiping it with microfiber cloth was the best I could do to make it less gross.

This was my first Akiba Soul purchase. I didn’t want to buy more figures for the year thanks to tight finances and COVID-19 delaying all my preorders anyway, but Shinonome was preowned and cost less than $100. She came within a week of my ordering, so I assume the Akiba Soul warehouse is somewhere in the U.S.A. She had some natural scuffs where her skin meets the purple hair. The leggings were also a little discolored in spots. But do I regret the purchase? No way.

Shinonome Mio with open white shirt

At the end of the day, I still have no interest in the “sister-complex” anime trope. You know what I do like? Displaying Shinonome with only that white shirt on. She looks like she just woke up from a night of debauchery at her lover’s house and decided to wear his shirt; now that’s a trope I can enjoy.

Shinonome Mio from behind with white shirt covering her ass
I love this fucking view. Might be my favorite pic.

2 responses to “Shinonome Mio”

  1. theunsaidpoet Avatar

    Kohai, I laughed so hard at the ass vacuum. You weren’t kidding, those cheeks are full of panty xD shes a beaut though, love her body sculpt *-* I wanna touch it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. goatius Avatar

      I wish I could say she was one of those soft body figures, but she’s just a normal texture waifu. And yes, her sculpt is 😋


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