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Skytube: Dai-Yu (DX Ver.)

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Skytube is known for their original character figures (commonly referred to as OC’s). This year seems to be the year of Chinese dresses on anime figures, particularly cast-off figures.

Tony is a well-known illustrator in the cast-off world. I only own a few Tony figures and they do not disappoint. This one, Dai-Yu, is my favorite because of the many accessories included: there is something that everyone who adores anime figures would appreciate. I decided to purchase the DX (deluxe) instead of the STD (standard). The DX’s only difference is the cast-off option which the STD does not include. Knowing me, I had to pick up the cast-off option despite the fact I will keep the figure clothed as well. This is a 1/6 scale, which is common for Skytube, and rather classy compared to their other figures.

With fans

Dai-Yu seems to play the shamisen, a Japanese string instrument. You have the option of having the instrument in her hands, or if you would rather have her shown with her fans there are different arm/hand variants for that. I actually prefer the fan option with the instrument right beside her. It just gives the figure more class. The instrument is actually connected magnetically, so its a quick and easy removal.

Instrument Included

Her qipao really compliments her grey hair. It is a blue-green almost like Hatsune Miku’s, along with a simple black skirt which perfectly has her panties peeking out the side. This figure also includes a longer qipao that is more detailed: it has butterflies running along the side similar to what her top has. It flows alongside her legs quite nice. Dai-Yu is almost impossible to accessorize because everything looks great on her.

Be careful when attaching the instrument to her hands, as it is quite fragile and could break easily.

Long Skirt w/ Instrument in hands

The cast-off just did not look right to me; it almost looks unfinished. Dai-Yu comes with another face plate, which is always nice, although I much preferred the original. The second face plate appears to be moaning, which is unusual for someone who is playing an instrument.

The cast-off was incredibly hard to put together. For some reason the breasts were hard to connect, and even when they were I much preferred her clothed. The nipples are small, which is common for Skytube figures. I also had an issue trying to get a photo of her pussy: her legs are really close together, making her almost appear as a Barbie doll without any genitalia. If you chose to keep the figure nude, you would have to inspect thoroughly to see her pussy at all. Her butt is adorable though. All-in-all, it’s great to own cast-off figures if you prefer a nude version.

Finally, I did want to give the stand itself a quick mention. I typically love my simple stands as they do not take away from the figure itself; Dai-Yu’s stand is intricate. It is blue to match with the figure itself, but also has what appears to be blooming floors. It is incredibly gorgeous to say the least. This figure is absolutely stunning, and everything included ties together perfectly.

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