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Yomu Tights Futtota?

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So, a couple weeks ago I did a little write up on the importance of pantyhose. If you haven’t read that yet, move your sweet ass on over here and be exposed to the magic of nylon. The reason I bring this up is because today I am reviewing one of my absolute favorite figures in my waifu collection, Yomu Tights Futtota? which literally translates to “Yomu,” the illustrator’s name, and “tights foot” (yeah, I dunno, but whatever). She is an original character created by the nylon king, Yomu Shoten, and manufactured by Union Creative. While there are several reviews (ok, maybe like two) I’ve read that weren’t too impressed by her, I fell in LOVE.

If you aren’t in love then get out. Just kidding! Please stay and read my review T-T

Union Creative doesn’t have the best reputation among figure collectors. Digging through Reddit, I’ve found complaints about overall QC issues and overly simplistic figures for high prices. But rising costs for figures is a growing trend and a whole other topic we can bitch about later. From a possibly biased standpoint, and from a person who has three Union Creative figures now, I enjoy what they are putting out. Futtota is no exception: she is simplistic, but that’s why I adore her.

Just look at her! Cute as a button. Get it? BUTT-on? Lol ok, that doesn’t work.

Anyway, there isn’t a lot of detail to be had in this figure… at least no tiny breakables or intricate fabrics. Instead this figure is soft and clean, much like Yomu’s own illustrations. There are small, subtle details like the tag on her pantyhose or the way the hem line is slightly askew. It’s a sensual curve from head to her futtotas(?). If you can tear yourself away from her ASSets, you’ll be pulled into the doubtful gaze of a woman who questions the size of her booty. Girl, your butt DOES look big and that’s ok. Because it’s bootylicious.

The texture detail is insane.

Of course, there are always flaws. Futtota has a few sloppy seams and the panty line is unusually thick, bordering on pampers rather than cute undies from certain angles. Her base is cheap, and it was very difficult getting this figure into the peg without that gnawing feeling she would break at the ankle. Despite these flaws I enjoy the minimalist feel of her overall beauty and I command you to buy her. Plus, would you look at the paint job on those tights? Like fucking whoa. I was half expecting to feel the grainy texture of the nylon.

Cute toes! She needs a real name instead of Foot though….

In the end, Futtota might not be everyone’s cup of tea but she’s the bee’s knees to me or…bee’s foot? I dunno… I love her so much I even purchased the alternate color version of this figure, which comes in a tantalizing white, pink and blue palette. TELL ME WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE NAOW.

Isn’t the alternate palette just as BEAUTEOUS???

Before I end this review, I encourage you to check out more of what Yomu is doing illustration-wise, and some anticipated figures upcoming this year or already available on the market. If you’re out their reading this, Yomu, please hire me as your official spokesperson. I am ready to spread the pantyhose gospel to all. Amen.

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