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One day I decided to search through the MyFigureCollection ads for figures I may be interested, and I stumbled upon this one, Momo, from Native and Jugoya. I am very familiar with the distributor but I have never seen this figure: I’m a huge fan of the artist, Sasamori Tomoe, best known for their doujinshi Succubus Stayed Life.

Momo seated on plush pillow

As many collectors know, Native specializes in lewd/cast-off figures, but I have never heard of manufacturer Jugoya before purchasing Momo. I decided to check out their other figures on MyFigureCollection; oddly enough, this is the only figure Jugoya has made. Despite that, I was quick to ask the seller if this was still available and I instantly purchased.

In the scale figure world the most common sizes are 1/12, 1/8, 1/6, and 1/4. Momo has a unique size of 1/5.5, which is .5 larger than the average 1/6. I thought it gave the figure an extra special quality–I own a 1/5 figure but this is my only 1/5.5. Coincidentally enough, this figure was released exactly a year from me writing this, on July 30th, 2019.

Wide angle of Momo on bean bag
Side view of Momo on bean bag
Rear view of Momo

I decided to do some research on and upon further investigation, we are told Momo is currently in the middle of some restaurant training in Tokyo, Japan. Momo is the rather clumsy type; noticing her rather embarrassed expression, she must’ve fallen to the ground revealing her blue/white striped pantsu (panties). She wears a purple maid outfit along with a yellow ribbon, finished off with a simple white headdress, black thigh-high stockings and red Mary Jane shoes. Obviously–as Native is known for–the pantsu are cast-off, revealing the rest of her nude body. Her breasts are fully exposed, and I assume her top came undone when she collapsed onto the floor.

Close up of Momo's breasts
Close up of Momo's vulva
Momo exposing naked butt and vulva

I always have to mention a few criticisms about the figure itself. I read comments on the MyFigureCollection page and many people had the same issue: the legs are detachable, and I’m not quite sure why Jugoya decided to do that. This is not easily noticeable, but the legs fit a little bit loosely, which causes them to shift at times when you move the figure. Also, Momo’s glasses are incredibly sharp and fragile, and this can be an issue when placing them on the face. Many people complained about the glasses creating scratches on the face. Luckily I did not come across this problem. Thankfully, the manufacturer included two sets of glasses in case one set were to break.

The base is interesting and like nothing I have ever seen used for a figure! Native referred to the base as a pedestal: it’s just a large circular orange and they added two bean cushions to set her on top. Very unusual, but at the same time this figure sits at an angle, so the base does her justice.

Pedestal and bean bag cushions

Despite my critiques, I am incredibly happy with my purchase. There’s a few things Native could have changed, but fortunately they are subtle. The paint job is absolutely incredible. I mean, Native is known for their beautiful figures, so I am not shocked at how stunning she is. Momo definitely is a great add-on to my NSFW figures and she looks great alongside my other figure. Something about those shy, embarrassed expressions really excite me.

Momo illustration by Sasamori Tomoe


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