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Sailor Succubus Sapphire

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If you ask a group of men to jot down things they’d like to fuck, and then you put all those ideas in a hat and draw three of them at random, you’ll probably come up with Sailor Succubus Sapphire. I hope that’s the origin story behind this character, because if it is then artist Mogudan is a genius. Like, she’s a succubus (beings made to fuck) in a high-school seifuku (I’ve already covered this fetish before) and her name is Sapphire (definitely a stripper name). Have you’ve ever wanted a waifu that absolutely cannot exist in reality because the very idea of her is too perfect? That’s what this is.

To further underscore my point, there’s four color variations on Sapphire. I chose the purple haired version, but there’s a ganguro girl, a Sailor Jupiter one, and a blond. It’s like Orchid Seed pulled more ideas out of Mogudan’s hat and decided, “Fuck it, let’s drive our manufacturers crazy.” If you can’t find a Sapphire for you, at least Orchid Seed tried their best. I applaud those guys.

I think Sapphire is a very pretty sculpt. She has mammoth-sized breasts; she likely squats because if she doesn’t her titties will pull her to the ground. Her thighs are thicker than peanut butter, and they’re so defined and fleshy that the eye is inevitably lead to her panties. But beyond the obvious sex appeal of this seductive soul-eater, I really like her face. Her coquettish smile, and entrancing eyes hiding under long bangs, are details I appreciate in a figure.

Sapphire is a cast-off: everything except her gloves, leggings, and panties is removable. Her tail comes out to accommodate removal of her head, followed by her wings, and then her arms and uniform. I had a pleasant time removing and securing the clothing, which is not something I can say for any other cast-off I own. The only hiccup is that the abundance of accessories makes stripping Sapphire annoying. There’s also risk of color-transfer between the parts, especially because of the large purple hairpiece.

I debated displaying Sapphire with her breasts bare, but decided to put her clothes back on. Don’t misunderstand, I want to swallow the whole tiddy until I choke. But I’ll treat them like I treat alcohol: indulge on special occasions. What special occasions could I have to stare at a figure’s breasts? Well, that’s none of your business.

Mogudan has a lot of figures based on his Comic Unreal magazine illustrations, Sapphire being one of them. I’ve had my eye on another one, War Goddess Aphrodite, for a couple of weeks now, but no one seems to own her or has any desire to sell. I’ll keep searching the otaku wastelands until I find her…

Oh, if you want more Sapphire (and who doesn’t?) there are extra pics below. I’m really happy with this figure.

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