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Chiyuru is an original character created by the Japanese illustrator Blade, who also designed another cute cat lady called Tabby-san (I also have a review on her which you should meander on over to when you have the time). Chiyuru is by Skytube, the lewd subsidiary of Alphamax. Like most of their figures, Chiyuru exudes quality, cuteness, and sex appeal.

Blade is a GOD

When it comes to lewd Japanese figures, I am attracted to the “original character” creations. There isn’t a lot of story behind them unless you have access to the artists’ comments or speak Japanese. Without that, such figures are left to the buyer and admirer’s imagination. Chiyuru is a neko-girl, dressed in pink, frilly pastels – colors and clothing typically associated with innocence (or candy goth streetwear). She has delightful C-sized cups, thicc thighs, and tight abs.

The most unique feature about Chiyuru is her pose. Her legs stick straight up in the air while she lounges in a dessert cup, partaking in an ice-cold “milk” pop. The viewer has full access to some pussy, which would make your average Karen gasp in horror and take to Facebook to report your “hen-tay” shenanigans. Surrounding her are Blade’s iconic cats who are in curious and mischievous poses. So, without further ado, I’m going to list off a plethora of pussy/cat-related jokes and puns for the rest of the review.

Just kidding. Let’s get to the good shit: how is Chiyuru’s cast-off feature? Surprisingly well done. Goatius and I typically rant our frustrations with the disasters of cast-off. While we might all be anxious about plastic boobies, I know many of us settle for keeping the clothes on to avoid potentially ruining of the goods. But Chiyuru has blessed us! Like her neko-maid friend Tabby-San, she has several parts, and figuring out what comes off and detaches can be a bit tricky – but Alphamax included an instruction guide for the plebs (lol I had to use it). Aside from the puzzle of body parts and clothing items, the clothes themselves snap on and off easily. Since they are white there is little fear of paint bleed, considering Chiyuru herself has very pale skin.

Could probs use as bottle opener.

In addition to her naked look, Chiyuru has two faces: you can swap out her oblivious face with one that is seductive. There’s a second milk pop that melts into her cleavage, and her undone panties can sit slung over the side of her cup. Chiyuru also comes with spare milk drips. Yeah…these are sticky-backed plastic parts that you can put on her face because (1) she’s a messy eater, or (2) she took a “milk” load. I’ll let you decide. Apologies, I’m not into jizz face so those will not be attached to her in any of the pics. Wah wah.

I feel weird owning sticky jizz pieces.

Verdict – Chiyuru is bangin’. Like, wow. Beautiful quality and airbrushing. Her bits look wet and ready and while I feel ultra pervy just typing those words, I cannot lie to you, she looks good enough to eat. (Which is why the desert cup suddenly makes sense). If you aren’t into the sexy plastic waifus, I’d recommend this figure on the cats alone. Who doesn’t love cats? You can add them to your cat figurine collection, but I also want to know how you got here. If that’s you, Karen, please don’t call the neighborhood watch. So, snag Chiyuru while you can, because Tabby-San has nearly tripled in price and I see the same future for this absolute beauty.

For those of you that wanted the extra milk.

2 responses to “Chiyuru”

  1. Zeroconvoy Avatar

    reminds me so much of ice cream


    1. goatius Avatar

      Yes, a naughty, gooey ice cream


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