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Magic Bullets Ade-Sugata IV 1/6

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I have covered a couple Native figures in the past but not one of this caliber. Native oftentimes works with subsidiary companies: for this figure, they worked with Magic Bullets. This is actually my first Magic Bullets figure. I was incredibly interested in the design here, as it is a style I do not typically add to my collection–it is quite eerie to say the least. This figure is a nameless, original 1/6 scale character, the fourth in Magic Bullet’s “ade-sugata” line. The Japanese illustrator behind this is Ama Mitsuki, known for their schoolgirl art books.

Artist: Ama Mitsuki

This particular figure lacks a story or explanation, but states the “ade-sugata” series is a collection of abnormal fetishes and sensual beauty intertwined. Depicted is a young woman chained against a rusty metal bar–or as Native described it, “a young woman’s innocence lost.” I described this figure to my sister as the crazy porno version of the Saw movies.

Complete Figure

This figure stand is incredibly large, along with the pole she’s chained to. The rest of her uniform just sits on the stand which includes her skirt and school bag. The chains are real metal that you attached yourself, which I thought made the figure look more realistic. Her pose is really simple, although it is obvious she is struggling to release her arms and ankles from this confinement. Her legs are clearly spread apart in agony. This figure included two other heads; I prefer the original head but I debated on the masked face as well. The third face show her screaming and I didn’t like it as much.

This figure includes a second set of legs with panties and, well, a brown dildo inside her. Before purchasing any figure I always read users reviews; many people mentioned that the dildo looked similar to…shit, to say it bluntly. I much preferred the completely nude option as that is on the main illustration, and I typically display figures as their artwork depicts. I think the dildo was not needed (typically I would not say that) and the panties alone would’ve looked so much better. I would not consider this figure a “cast-off” per se, as cast-off means clothes are removed. This one is just completely nude. Despite her legs being spread I had a difficult time taking a close-up shot of her pussy.

I wanted to mention the base itself, as I do in most of my blogs. This base is incredibly large in comparison to the figure itself. It’ll take up a lot of room on a bookshelf or detolf for sure. Typically I enjoy a simple base to make the figure itself more noticeable, but wow…the details on it are insane and go along with the figure perfectly. In many horror movies, the usage of shattered, stone floors is common resembles exactly how they sculpted and painted this base; it’s horrifying, to say the least. Attached are chains to link the ankle bracelets. I could go on and on talking about how amazing this base is. As I mentioned earlier, her skirt and bag sit on top.

All in all, this figure is crazy in all of the good ways. I typically purchase cutesy lewd figures, but I caved in and purchased quite the opposite. As with many of my purchases, I sit for hours or even days debating on whether or not to purchase. This figure took DAYS to think on, but after seeing other people’s photos I just did it–and boy, am I happy. The theme of the figure is quite controversial: she’s literally chained against her will, so take these photos lightly. I enjoy horror myself so this figure is perfect to own. I’m considering purchasing the rest of the ade-sugata series just to complete this unique collection.

Behind the figure

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