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itou chitose illustration

Itou Chitose DX ver.

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As I collected more hentai doujins, figures and other merch, I discovered one artist that really caught my eye. 40hara is commonly known for his women-in-panties illustrations, but even more known for the look of disgust in his characters’ faces. 40hara’s most well-known doujin is Iya na Kao Sarenagara Opantsu Misetemoraitai, which translates to I Want You to Make a Disgusted Face as You Show Me Your Underwear, or Iyapan for short. I found this particular character figure, Chitose, whose face is a staple in the Iyapan franchise. She’s a slender, pale skinned maid that appears frequently in both the doujins and the anime adaptation.

This is yet another figure from Skytube, known for their lewd women and cast-off options. There were two options of this figure: STD (standard) and DX (deluxe). The STD is a bit cheaper, but I chose the DX option, since it included a second face plate and, of course, the cast-off option. Granted, the STD wasn’t a bad option since I decided to keep her fully clothed, but the different options are always nice to have. The DX does not cost too much more than the STD anyways, so unless you have no desire for cast-off, the few extra dollars for the nude option are well worth the price.

The details on this figure are stunning, from her Mary Jane shoes, to the stockings that lead graciously up to the selling point–the pantsu. The flow of her dress along her body really expresses Chitose in every fine detail. The face is what really makes this figure what it is, that disgusted and ashamed look on her as she is asked to reveal her white panties.

I always have an easy time removing the clothing from any Skytube figure, including this one. The plastic is loose enough to properly remove any part without breaking it. The only removable parts are her top and panties. The figure comes with two different chest plates to insert, including a bare set of breasts. The panties are simply removed to show her goodies underneath.

As I mentioned, Chitose comes with two different face plates, with one option being a lot more relaxed than the default option. I assume anyone who gets this figure would be a fan of 40hara’s artwork, and use the disgusted face.

I know I discuss figure stands a lot, but this one really captures the figure in its entirety. The detailing on the chair is amazing. The flowers wrap around the cushions as Chitose gently sets her leg on it to prop herself. The indention in the cushion allows the figure to properly set onto the chair. The figure sits on a simple red, velvet fabric. It is rather classy, which is ideal for the maid herself.

This is a beautifully sculpted figure, to say the least. I was absolutely amazed by, well, everything! The paint job is stunning, typical for Skytube figures. If you are a fan of 40hara or maids in general, this is a figure to have. This has to be one of my favorite figures I own. In fact, she looks great in any set.

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