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Yuiko Okuzumi

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Miru Tights was a short anime series based on illustrations by Yomu Shoten, who at this point I’ve brought up numerous times. As a quick refresher, Yomu is best known for his work catering to tights and foot fetishes. As you may have guessed, Miru Tights is no exception. It is a slice of life mini-series based around three high schoolers and their homeroom teacher Yuiko, who go about their normal business while offering foot and tights fetish fanservice. I’ve never seen Miru Tights, which makes me ultra-sad-desu. 

Don’t be fooled!

Yuiko Okuzumi, as you may have noticed by her mature looks, is older than your typical high school anime waifu. I’m not sure if she’s a “milf”, but this 27-year-old, voluptuous senpai hits all the right sexy spots.

The figure is made by Union Creative, which so far has manufactured most of Yomu Shoten’s illustrated. Native has also picked up a couple if you’re looking for cast-off variations of his lovely ladies. Yukio, while not a cast-off, is exceptionally curvy. Shoes kicked off to the floor, Yuiko sits in a seductive pose on her students’ desk. Her eyes and head are tilted upwards, so us giant “hyooman” people can look down and into her loving gaze. Never mind the fact that in real life, senpai would totes get fired for this.  

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, Union Creative isn’t big on complex designs, which is why Yomu’s style is perfect for their company. They have soft and subtle details that I absolutely love without the hodgepodge of props, crazy-ass poses, and complicated bases. For example, Yukio has a primarily “business” color palette, but for those curious of heart, a splash of purple was gifted to us pervs who are checking out the pantsu on our plastic ladies. 

Stop peaking your perv!!!!
Please don’t smell the shoes ._.

Yuiko isn’t without her faults, though. The figure itself is gorgeous, but my god, it is HEAVY. To compensate, you’d think Union Creative’s QA team would have given her a desk that can support her delicious hams. The desk legs on her base are so flimsy they can barely support her weight. You can see in the pics how bowed-in one desk leg is, which causes Yuiko to sit completely unstable. She can’t sit on the desk without her foot resting on the accompanying desk chair, either. Without the chair (barely) holding her up, Yuiko is sure to tumble from her desk and onto the floor. Trust me, it happened twice trying to take pictures of her for this review. T-T

While I love Yuiko’s classic senpai look, Union Creative effed up on this. Namely, the unstable and cheap quality of her desk base. It’s terrible. This thick lass needs proper seating, and UC pulled a fast one on her, leaving her spine to be rearranged by her heavy double D’s and less than amicable relationship with her throne.  

Union Creative is going to have to make up for that score – if you know what I mean.

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