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Kannagi Yuuri

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Illustration is by: Happoubi Jin

Today’s breathtaking beauty hails from the mature visual novel, Bishoujo Mangekyou, which I have had the unfortunate misfortune of not being able to take part in. Mostly because I have no idea how to speak, write or read Japanese, nor do I have access to Steam. Nevertheless, Kannagi Yuuri stunned me when I first saw her prototype photos and I knew that I would be willing to give my life for her on the frontlines.

If it wasn’t already obvious, Yuuri is a Skytube figure; a subsidiary of the popular figure company, Alphamax. If any of you already own a Skytube, you’re aware of their outstanding quality in nekkid ladies. Yurri is a fairly tame figure at first glance. Although a cast-off, this detail is not readily apparent. She sports one of those legendary meme sweaters, which the anime world has dubbed “the virgin killer.” After a little digging, I learned this sweater was introduced to Japan to aid women in catching the attention of shy males… so I guess this name makes sense? I mean, I’m sure my wife would smack me upside the head for staring, but what else am I supposed to look at if someone passes by in one of these? (Love ya, honey). As a side note, I think anyone can wear a virgin killer, so have at it. Let all your bits do a little peak-a-boo and unleash Cupid’s arrows into the world.

I wouldn’t wear this in a snowstorm, though.

Honestly, I’m at a loss for this review. She’s one of those “perfect figures.” Clothed, while seductive and semi-erotic, she is decently covered enough to look good on anyone’s waifu shelf. Her soft looks and white lily are easily adaptable to the kawaii aesthetic, or the all-black turtleneck gives her the opportunity for darker, grungier palettes. She’s a photogenic dream come true. Unclothed, she is still covered up: the position of her hands and feet hide her lady bits, and you must pull out your waifu required magnified monocle and do a thorough perv inspection to fully enjoy her other assets. Posed as is, you might be able to get away with her butt-ass naked on your next family get together.

Your family will never know!

Coming back to her black sweater, this does pose a problem for her cast-off options. Her body is exquisite, so it’s a shame that her “virgin killer” sweater leaves very obvious black paint transfer on several areas of her skin. So, you kind of need to decide on how you want Yuuri displayed because constant changing is going to damage her loveliness; however, there is hope. You have the option to leave the black sweater on but replace her legs to the cast-off bottoms, which will carefully hide her open laced panties from the world (for the most part) and give you the opportunity for daily… “inspection”.

Overall, it’s like I stated before. Yuuri is perfect…at least to me. Although paint transfer is a high risk, she is too beautiful not to admire or own. I especially am fond of her curled toes and the wistful look on her face. I can’t tell if she’s daydreaming or giving a slight sneer to the degenerates; either way, I like it. I feel like she needs her fresh bed of flowers to sit in and go about her magical meanderings.

Cute AF

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