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Some Twitter Artists to Make Your Loins Swell

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I’m a huge fan of art and animation. I don’t even watch shows with live-action actors; I’d be happy to never see another 3D human as long as I live. As a result, I spend an unhealthy amount of time scrolling through Twitter and retweeting lewd art–but only 2D lewdness! Lady Red suggested I share some of my favorite artists here with you all. Take a look at the naughty filth polluting my mind.


If you know what a “boob job” is, then you understand paizuru. ROBOTEKZ_ makes this into an art form with their illustrations, featuring doe-eyed, sharp-toothed women massaging boners with their cleavage. It’s a good formula: girl sees man, girl pities man, girl releases man. I like that ROBOTEKZ_ posts a new skit almost every day. Some of my favorite skits are the Goth Girl and the Manlet. If you aren’t already a member of the PAIZURISM cult, maybe these will change your mind.


I stumbled upon this artist during the #SailorMoonRedraw craze earlier this year; their thicc Usagi illustration was perfect. His style is versatile but consists of many OCs, including Saki and Aoi, a sexy pair of femboys that gets off fucking in public dressing rooms. Light is also scary good at lewding your favorite children’s cartoons: I occasionally send my friend the Pokemon drawings because I know he hates them XD. This guy can put breasts and ass on ANYTHING and make it look good.


I find few online artists as entertaining as @mosouko. A lot of their work is based on the Fate spinoffs, which is great because I’m a fan. The theme: getting caught while having sex. The gags usually involve Shiro and Medusa in compromising positions while someone peers into the room, but sometimes Fujimaru is being dominated by Mama Raikou, or two female characters are getting intimate. Part of the fun here is seeing which sex position @mosouko pulls out of their hat. They must know the Kama Sutra from front to back…

Do you faithful followers know of any good artists on Twitter? And by good, I mean they’re downright horny 24/7.

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