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cat lap girl

Cat Lap Milk

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Hello everyone! Soni here to bring you another figure review. I apologize for my absence: I have been sick the past couple weeks, and then I had to catch up on school work. But no worries! I am here to stay.

Today I bring yet another Native figure. If you haven’t noticed, they are my favorite figure company and are a large part of my collection. A figure I had my eyes on for quite sometime was Native’s Cat Lap Milk. Among the older figure I own, its first release date was in 2013 and also had a blue variant that released during the Wonder Festival in 2016. I own the 2013 version, the original version.

This is yet another original character in the lewd figure realm. This particular figure was based off of an illustration by Misaki Kurehito, most well known for their manga, How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. If you’re a NSFW collector or even a collector in general, you have probably seen Kurehito’s work at least a couple times, whether it be a figure from Native or even Skytube. For being a Native figurine, Lap Milk was on the…well, I can’t say cheap side because it was 8,800 yen (approx. $88 USD). But, for being Native, it is on the cheaper end as their figures go upwards to $200 USD. This cat-maid is rather small at a 1/7 scale, although in some circumstances smaller is better (inserts penis joke) as this typically means much more detail.

This kitty is incredibly adorable. The details are spot-on. She looks identical to the illustration, typical for Native figures. Again, this is an older figure, so there’s a few marks just from old age that are inevitable for any figure. The first thing I found rather interesting was her tail is magnetic; I had a hard time figuring out how to attach it until I realized this. She is paired with two cartons of milk that are spilled out onto the floor. She appears to be a kawaii maid dressed in a blue gown, graciously lapping up her milk in front of you–hence the name, Cat Lap Milk.

Now for the cast-off option goodies! First, the stand resembles stained glass flooring, causing her breasts to be “squished” against the glass, which looks kind of strange if you look underneath. I do not have any experience with squished boobs against glass, but it’s safe to say this is probably as accurate as you’re going to get. Not gonna lie, they look pretty hilarious off of the stand.

She comes with a second pair of breasts: these are NOT squished and are hanging down…y’know, as breasts do. Not an option I would use personally use, but the option is nice. You can purposefully remove a piece from the display stand, creating a hole in which the breasts can set into. They kind of just dangle there. The corset wrapped around her emphasizes her curves quite beautifully.

I’m not a huge fan of when figure companies make the panties slide down. I’m always scared of the plastic breaking when I remove them or put them on. I prefer when the panties have a clasp, but oh well, I guess that’s why two sets are included. After carefully removing them, as expected you see her “goodies.” There’s not much to say except it is pretty accurately sculpted.

Ultimately, Native did a beautiful job capturing Misaki Kurehito’s vision. If you’re particularly a lewd figure collector, boy, what a stunning figure to add onto your shelf. She captures every part of what a maid cat girl should be, and honestly, who wouldn’t want a CAT MAID GIRL staring at them?

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