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Mizuki Suzushiro

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When I first got into figure collecting, I came across Mizuki by chance while browsing the plethora of waifus available for purchase. I adored the character design, but the price made me scared because she’s still going for about double her retail value. Now, two years later, with the help of my best kohai, Goatius, I was able to finally purchase her for REGULAR PRICE (bless you kohai).

Boku Girl by Akira Sugito in Weekly Young Jump (2015)

Mizuki Suzushiro is from a manga entitled Boku Girl, an ecchi romantic comedy. The premise of the manga goes like this: Mizuki Suzushiro is a male high school student whose feminine looks often create insecurity about his masculinity, and bring unwanted attention from his male peers. Loki Asgard, a smol demon sprite, plays a trick on Mizuki and turns him into a girl. The transformation catalyzes “self-discovery and an exploration of Mizuki’s sexuality,” at least according to Wikipedia. (Is it socially acceptable to source Wikipedia these days?).

I love the synopsis of this series; I am dying to read it…but since I’m dying to, one can surmise that the manga was never released in the US, and only half of the manga is translated through scanlations. As a note: the author of the series has quoted this as “transgender themed,” so my only hope is that it actually tackles issues like gender dysphoria, identity, etc. and not just a fetishization of transgender people. So, I’ll patiently wait for the day this gets a U.S. release to see if it’s problematic, even though it’s been out now since 2015.

This figure is Native’s faithful tribute to Mizuki, who is not a full-figured lady like many others that hail on It makes sense to play on the androgyny of Mizuki’s gender, and nods to what I hope is a non-offensive look at gender identity in Boku Girl. Of course, being identified as an ecchi manga, we do get this pretty lewd little tease with a unique (in my opinion) butt squish pose. It’s also playing on the foot fetish thing, which I’m still never going to 100% admit to enjoying…or maybe I did already? Cartoon feet are dainty and cute. Real-life feet are freaky af…they’re weird. Anyways… What? Right… Mizuki!

Beauty marks are top tier.
Damn, clothing folds fandom up over here!

Native’s quality has almost no comparison in the realm of lewd figures. Mizuki is perfect. The detailing on her coat and zippers is amazing, while the airbrushing is so super soft with subtle shading and light blushes. She is sturdy, has a cool, clear table base, and the little band-aids on her bewbs are magnetic. F-cking genius. Her demon hood consists of two interchangeable parts: one up, if you’re into animal ears; and one down, which showcases her protagonist’s pink hair. There is no cast off for her bottoms, which I applaud. For some reason, getting any lewder than this seems gross–at least for Mizuki–because I feel like she’s just not that kind of girl. Heck, I felt uncomfortable taking the magnetic bandaids off, so there wont be any nip shots in this review.

With the hood up.

The only pain-in-the-ass feature on Mizuki is Loki. Loki is a little chibi figure that attaches to a long, wire demon tail that you’re free to wrap around Mizuki how you see fit. And When I say “how you see fit,” I mean you better do it exactly like the promo photos, lest you hurl Loki into the toilet in frustrated rage. Not that I did that or anything…because that would mean I put my hand into the toilet to get her out. The wire tail is hard to coil exactly the way you want without it completely falling off of Mizuki at any given time. Other than that, A-fcking-plus, Native.

Loki seems like a jerk.

So…if any of you have had the chance to read Boku Girl, and it’s not the open-minded and completely non-offensive gender spectrum manga I believe it to be, please tell me so I can rewrite Mizuki how I want her to be. She deserves only the best.

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