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More Twitter Artists For Your Swollen Loins

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Another week, another day without new figures to review. When the hell will Japan Post resume international EMS? Who knows. Thank goodness Twitter has enough titties and ass (or ass and titties, if you prefer) to last me til the end of this pandemic.


I’ve watched Ryo for a few years now, and can attest to their versatility. I think part of that variety is the fact they release a new drawing every day. I also think Ryo is an excellent draftsman, period. Many of their drawings involve thicc, shiny girls in loungewear and bikinis, but you’ll find a commissioned work or an armored girl, even some futanari. I’m really impressed by the number of tanned waifus in their timeline. The only question I have is: what is that mascot supposed to be? A man with a titty head? A scrotum?


The illustrator behind my favorite cat-girl Bastet, Houtengeki has been on a cow-girl kick as of late. Fortunately, cows are big and meaty, and Houtengeki loves drawing giant milkers 🙂 Aside from this latest Internet trend, their work features a lot of original characters who get made into cast-off figures from Native, as well as lolis from time to time. The most recognizable OCs are Bastet and Anubis, two Egyptian gods turned into delicious caramel babes.


Compared to the output from other artists I follow, it seems like donburi here is a relative newcomer to Twitter, but I’m already in love with their work. Their latest work is black and white, which I’m always a fan of. I’ve always believed that understanding light and dark values can make good artists into great ones. The clean lines and simple colors would likely be great for stickers (I’d buy a few, for sure). I look forward to watching donburi grow. Anyone who makes me want to fuck a mouse is a good artist.

As always, if you have any artists you’d like to share, let me know! Writing these articles has been fun.

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