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Red Riding Hood Cosplay Girl

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This figure was originally scheduled for release May 2020, but I only received her a couple of weeks ago due to shipping restrictions from Japan Post. Thank you, FedEx! Now I have to remember how to write a review.

When it comes to Native figures, I think Rocket Boy focuses on regular girls who dress up and pose erotically; their other brands have fetishes covering the rest of the sexual spectrum. Does this make me a tame vanilla-boy? I think so. But that’s fine, right? Red’s clothes come off…and I know that’s not a normal figure collecting niche because it costs too damn much to buy cast-offs. Curse these plastic titty manufacturers and their price gouging.

red riding hood cosplay girl

The most prominent part of this figure isn’t the naughty nymph eating her shirt, or that odd wolf toy, or that string of condoms–it’s that white loveseat. It’s a real piece of furniture, trust me. That shit weight a thousand pounds; I thought it was going to break my shelf. I’m obviously exaggerating, but the cushion is squishy, and the upholstery is as soft as any pleather you can buy in stores. The setup is intense, man.

red riding hood cosplay girl

She’s only 1/6 scale, the normal size I buy naked women at, but Red feels bigger than normal because of her unique reclining pose. I feel like I’ve ascended into a higher plane of lewd figure collecting here. She really wants your cock, just look at those open legs! Are you gonna disappoint her?! If you can’t fit your penis into those tiny condoms she has, you simply lack the willpower.

red riding hood cosplay girl
red riding hood cosplay girl

Putting Red together was so fucking simple. She really was the easiest cast-off I’ve ever worked with: her head, arm, and torso detach flawlessly. It’s almost like I’m meant to do this (I’m looking at you, other manufacturers, with your crappy cast-off options…). I choose to display her without the hood but I leave the cowl on. I think she looks too scared with the hood on, which is an aesthetic for some people, but not me. I don’t do scared or shy pussy, only ravenously horny WAP.

red riding hood cosplay girl
red riding hood cosplay girl

The accessories are plentiful. The wolf is whatever, but necessary for the Red Riding Hood theme. The condoms are kinda hot: they have little pumpkins on them, which maybe means they’re food-flavored (I haven’t licked them or anything.) The bra and thong are flimsy and godawful. I don’t even bother keeping the bra on. You know which accessories I love? THOSE FUCKING SHOES, BRO! Do you know about my shoe fetish? Now you do. Step on me with those shiny red clogs, onegaishimasu! I recently wrote a fanfic of Red Riding Hood, and somehow forgot to include a scene where the guy gets stomped to orgasm with those shoes…


I really like candid, sexy figures. Slingshot Babe, another Rocket Boy goddess (10/10, she’s perfect), is similarly sensual. Guess I’m a Rocket-stan now? I’m waiting on this Mataro figure to drop, as well as this Ban babe. Mmm, nothing gets me harder than an ambiguously gendered person in a wedding dress.

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