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Maid-Chan illustrated by Kuro Mizugi

FOTS Japan, B’full, Insight, Pulchra, Apricot Blossom… What do all these names have in common? Nobody likes them! Wah wah. FOTS Japan, the umbrella name for all these figure companies, is infamous for their PVC-L material a.k.a. 3D printed plastic. This type of material, at least the ones distributed by FOTS, is known to break, bend, crack, and so much more. Their packaging consists of bubble wrap and black foam instead of the blister protector in most figure boxes. FOTS and their subsidiaries also come with substantial red warnings on their listings, letting you know that it’s more than likely your shit is broken, and they aren’t going to refund you. Sounds awful, right? 

Chill, Solaris Japan XD

WRONG! Okay, yeah, they have a terrible reputation. But the figure in today’s review is from B’full, so that’s why I am giving you a lil’ warning! But GOT DAMN, I am in love with her. She is soft, simple, and beautiful. These traits tick off all of Lady Red’s perfection points, and let me tell you why.

I’m dead, ok. LOOK AT HER.

Despite the ridiculous amounts of disparaging comments against B’Full, FOTS… Whatever, I’m actually a fan of their figures. The PVC-L material, specifically on their newer models, has achieved a milky and soft look. I can’t quite compare this aesthetic to regular PVC and ABS. There’s just something about the ghost-like translucence of the skin that I admire. Is PVC-L better overall? Hell no. Maid-Chan’s beautiful glow has enamored me, yes, but this doesn’t excuse the shoddy quality on other aspects of her. 

Typical of B’Full, the 3D print is rough in some areas. Maid-Chan has noticeable glue marks where the bows rest on her head. You can see a small gap where her bosom’s snapped on. These are the kind of details B’Full has hurt their reputation with. They are tiny, but to collectors out there, you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere. This reminds me of the other feedback I hear a lot about FOTS: “Their figures are way too expensive for the simplicity.” If their figures were more adequately priced for the quality, people probably wouldn’t DM me about how stupid I am for buying their figs. T-T

I don’t want to discourage people from buying B’Full, though. They are doing better; their QC has increased since their first figures released from FOTS (which are horrible disasters). For example, Maid-Chan came to me unbroken. She was tightly packaged, and sealed securely despite not having blister protection. Her delicate fingers and toes are nicely sculpted (IMO), and that slightly transparent nightshirt has me simping hard. She is genuinely gorgeous. I think B’Full did an adequate job. 


Overall, I think waifu collectors could love Maid-Chan. Just keep in mind the dangers of purchasing from any of the figure companies covered under FOTS. They sell regular PVC figures, but I can’t entirely look the other way from their faults. Then again, I’m a biased f*ck, and I’ll probably keep shelling out the dough for their overpriced, breakable waifus. If you take away anything from this review, let it be those soft and beautiful photos, ok? Like damn, Maid-Chan, marry me.  

I see you hiding lil blank panties, uwu.

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