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Nanami Hina

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If I had to pick my favorite anime of all time, I might choose FLCL (aka Fooly Cooly). It’s brief, metaphorical, vivid, and absurd. It was the first anime I ever blogged about. This isn’t an FLCL figure, but Nanami reminds me very much of Mamimi from that anime–and their names are kind of similar. Creepy. If Mamimi hadn’t traveled the world as a photographer, but instead became a gravure idol modeling as a horny high school senior lounging about in her underwear, maybe she’d look like this.

First things first: I don’t know why Nanami is listed as a 1/5 scale figure on MyFigureCollection, because she doesn’t seem much bigger than my 1/6 scales. My Super Pochaco and Reika are 1/5.5 and 1/5 respectively, but they are definitely bigger than Nanami. The only thing 1/5 about Nanami is the giant base she comes with.

Nanami has two bodies: one with blue bra and panties, and one without clothes. The cool thing is that the bust on each body detaches from the torso and pelvis, so there are four possible body combinations. The body with undergarments is easier to work with than the naked one.

I think Nanami is super cute. I don’t know why she’s putting her finger in her mouth, but it’s kind of sexy. Her boobs are a perfect size, and unrealistically pressed together in the most exquisite way. She even has an airbrushed six-pack. And, last but not least, those knee high socks are perfect! (they fit better on the torso with panties). The only think I don’t like about this figure…

…is the crotch. It might be hard to tell from these photos, but Nanami’s pelvis ends in an awkward square shape I find off-putting. On a real woman, the abdomen rounds off below the belly button, then raises as you hit the mons pubis and labia. But nobody’s crotch is shaped like a right angle. On the other hand, Nanami’s labia is minimalist and kind of realistic. Companies like Native make super detailed and open labia with exposed clits, like a flower in full bloom.

I honestly don’t have too much to say about Nanami. I think her pictures speak for themselves: she’s pretty and very photogenic. I bought her pre-owned from AmiAmi back in April, and she arrived with no flaws worth discussing. I’m happy with her. I want to print her pictures on a postcard or calendar or something. Is that something you readers would like?

Until then, marvel at the rest of her pics below.

Her chest is fucking perfect. Paizuri, please!

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