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BiCute Bunny Sonico

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Miss Sonico was born into the world as the Nitro+ mascot during their sponsored music festival in 2006 and designed by Tsuji Santa. For those unfamiliar with Nitro+, the company is well known for putting out Japanese visual novels and games, including work in Type-Moon’s hell series Fate. From that smol bit of information, I can safely say the rest is history. Sonico is wildly popular in Japan, more than likely due to her ecchi characteristics *cough* *cough* HUGE BEWBS. She’s a gravure model, in a band and has a Virtual Youtuber account, so Sonico is kind of a big deal.

V-Tube ensemble

I’m honestly surprised there aren’t more Sonico figures on the PVC Waifus blog, so your old pal Red is here to remedy that. I won’t be sharing some mucho expensive Sonico scale today. Instead, I’ll be showcasing the BiCute Bunny prize figure by FuRyu. I also did one for Hatsune Miku (if you wanna give a lil’ clicky-click on that link right there). Honestly, I’m hoping FuRyu goes down the list of famous Japanese mascots in the bunny style so I can give micro-history lessons on who they are and how cute they look in bunny suits.  

Real tights! :O Again!
For some reason the quality dropped on these two photos so my apologies D:

Anyways…to Sonico! What can I say that isn’t pretty much the same about Miku? Well, for starters, Sonico hits different. If you want the “kawaii” thing, Miku is the one you want. But Sonico? She’s a sexy woman. I told Goatius that I almost bought two of these figures to see if I could force cast off the bunny suit. I was mad curious to know if those amazing bewbs were fully modeled underneath. Luckily, Goatius is a smart man and talked me out of ruining an utterly perfect figure and blowing 20 whole dollars on disappointment. 

Those eyes are gorgeous!

Other than the sex appeal that Sonico offers, the quality is the same as Miku. Which is GOOD. The BiCute Bunnies are well worth their price, if not a little more. Sonico is nicely shaded, and has a decent quality sculpt. Like Miku, the sheer niceness of the BiCute Bunny Sonico is causing her low-price point to skyrocket on American markets. I recommend trying to find Japanese retailers who are still selling these cuties at their standard value. I’m lookin’ at you, Mercari. 60 bucks? Really? One last thing to note is that Sonico doesn’t have a leaning problem like Miku. She has a nice set of anchors that keep her firmly planted in place. Thanks, boob weight!

So soft…
So supple.

As a final plus, Sonico also looks super cute next to the BiCute Bunny Miku (forgive me I forgot to take a picture of them together T-T). There’s something about seeing matching outfit Mascots posing like friendsies that screams adorable. If FuRyu continues with this line of bunny idols I can finally form a PVC band. Where you at Kizuna Ai?

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