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Bound to Beg

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This tale is based on the Ade Suguta figure from Native.

(1129 words)

You can’t help but push Ada up against the door to your place. You kiss her, albeit hastily, keeping her pinned to your body while you fumble with the keys, delighting in the way she squirms. You can tell she’s still irritated with you after flipping her skirt up on the train ride over, exposing her cute, striped panties. You’re sure she didn’t appreciate the stares of strangers and lonely businessmen. 

Inside, your house is off-puttingly dark, a purposefully set atmosphere elevating the evening’s event. Grabbing Ada by the hand, you make no move to dwell on pleasantries. Instead, you lead her down into the basement. She squeezes your hand. You’re positive she has a million questions–or more likely, concerns–about why you’re bringing her to the creepiest room in the house. But you stay silent, letting her swim in her thoughts. For a single, solitary moment you hesitate at the door, wondering if this might be taking things too far. You and Ada have only been dating for a month. The sex is good, but you want more. Maybe it’s the way she resists anything other than missionary in the afternoon, or the way she teases but never follows through. Her quizzical stare burns through the shade of the stairwell. Fuck it, you think as you yank her through the basement door. 

The room is lit by two electric candles you left for the occasion. It creates an eerie vignette with only the poor battery-powered light flickering in the center of the room. You watch Ada’s face contort when she spots the ankle cuffs. This is followed by a disgusted scoff and accusatory sneer when she sees the wrist cuffs hanging from the top of the central support beam. You stifle a laugh. If you weren’t already horny from the thought of seeing her chained up, you might have teased her for the facial features show she was providing.

“What the fuck is this?” She smacks your arm with her satchel. “Nope, nope, not doing this.” Ada turns to storm out but you bring her back in.

“It’s not as bad as it looks.” You make puppy eyes at her. “I just thought we could try something…. kinkier”.

Ada turns red, enough for you to see it in the crappy candlelight.

“This is some weird sex shit, isn’t it?” She feigns laughter and tries pulling away for the second time. You tug at her wrist and pull her close. Her shoulders relax and she buries her face into your chest. You can’t resist the urge to mess with her, though. You press your lips against her ear and start sliding your hands down the curves of her hips. You settle your fingers into the hem of her skirt and tug. 

“Please, Ada?” You moan it. The move works because Ada suddenly latches onto you as if someone kicked her in the back of the knees. You take this opportunity to push your fingers past the elastic of her skirt, past her panties, and press onto her already slick clitoris. Ada clenches her thighs together and a tiny sound escapes her lips, urging your rising hunger to move faster.

“Fuck.” Ada drops her bag. You can’t help but smile hearing the curse word. So you push a little further, sliding her clit between your index finger and your middle finger, rubbing anxiously. She digs her nails into your back, struggling to stand.

“F-fine, I’ll do it!” She finally blurts out her consent. Good enough, you think and drag your fingers out from her panties, letting go of her trembling body, leaving her standing there self-conscious. You spot the glisten of her juices sliding down her legs while she walks disorientedly to your set up.

Ada looks uncomfortable and mildly embarrassed strapped into the leather cuffs. Her breasts are exposed and her panties pulled down. Her eyes dart around to her skirt on the ground and back to you, standing nearby and way too smug for your own good.

You relish in the way her voice hitches into her throat when you press yourself against her body. She whimpers when you put on the blindfold, but says nothing.

“I’m gonna make you beg me to fuck you, Ada”. She turns her face away from you while you say this and bites her lip.

“You’re such a freak,” she groans, but you see the hint of a smile play on the curve of her lips.

“No talking, only begging,” you muse before clutching onto her hips tightly. You start the trail of nips and bites down the side of her body. You want to move slower, but the excitement of the situation moves you faster than you originally planned. When you reach her soft, pink pussy, there’s no hesitation. You’ve dreamed about this long enough. You plunge your tongue in and force yourself to lap Ada leisurely, while she tries not to buck her hips forward. She’s already so sensitive from before that when your rhythm of licking speeds up, her small moans and gasps start to fill the basement. You resist the urge to touch yourself, but start losing track of how hard your fingers seize her thighs. The noises of her pleasure and pain meshed with the clanging of metal chains elevates how hard you suck her clit. Luckily, you still have enough sense left in you to pull away every time you hear Ada’s moans become gasp for air, or when her pussy Kegels before she cums.

“Fuck you” She struggles to get the words out. You’ve no idea how many times you’ve left her teetering on the edge of orgasm. Your jaw is wet with her pleasure.

“If you want to.” You say this muffled between her swollen labia. What a jackass answer. But honestly, you wouldn’t mind. You make sure to reach around her ass and give a hard pinch. When she jumps, you retract your tongue and listen to her protest. She can’t say anything, though, because you’ve already moved in to kiss her, letting her have some of how good she tastes. You notice how much her knees are shaking. When you pull the blindfold off her euphoric face, you know you’ve broken your goody-two-shoes girlfriend. Her initial resilience has mutated into a frustrated and desperate need to cum and you feel like an accomplished citizen. From your pocket, you pull a small leather collar and clip it around her pretty neck. You’re sure you’ve gone too far at this point, but Ada doesn’t even comment on the creepy accessory. Instead, she says your name. Her voice is tiny, pleading, wanting. 

“If you want more, all you have to do is beg me.” You step just out of her reach and patiently await her reply.

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