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Pikazo’s Cat Maid

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I don’t know what the attraction is to catgirls. I think it has something to do with their being cute n’ affectionate one minute, then angry and insulted by your degeneracy the next. It’s like combining a tsundere and a deredere into a huggable monster. Throw a maid into the mix, and now their attitude shifts are yours to control. While they might scoff at your sexually charged fantasies, they still obey your commands. Anime, am I right?  Right.

Speaking of catgirl maids–a doozy in terms of combination–one was just freshly delivered to my doorstep. Initially, I planned to do an unboxing of Mika Pikazo’s Cat Maid figure. Mid-filming, I remembered that I live with a soon to be seven-year-old PSYCHO child, while also working and attending graduate classes full time. Add in some faulty equipment, poor lighting, ugly voice, and you get TADAA! – nothing. Sowwee 😦

But Pikazo’s Cat Maid isn’t a figure you should be missing out on, especially if you’re into the whole cat maid thing. SHE IS CUUUUTE. Hella cute, and made by one of my favorite figure companies, Union Creative.

Cat Maid (who desperately needs a name) is phenomenal. I may have shed a tear when I pulled her out of the box; the near expressionless pout and distaste for my entire being made my self-loathing feel like a “purr-fect” fever dream.

She doesn’t come with any accessories save for the softest floof of fabric I’ve ever touched—only the most luxurious fibers for Cat Maid’s perfect ass. Also, excuse my crudeness, but check out that rack. Like, is there helium in them things? Being of the double-dee class of citizens myself, I want to know where she found a push-up sturdy enough to suspend her ginormous bewbs in the air. Hook me up, girl.

Look at that cute beauty mark!

So yeah, she’s perfect. I’m sure it’s my bias talking since I love Union Creatives’ simple aesthetic. They know how to do detail without being messy, you know what I mean? I’m not a fan of clutter. She’s a believable, beautiful Cat Maid. Instead of me giving her orders, I want her to boss me around.  

Are there any cons? A couple, but this is me nitpicking: she doesn’t have any cat friends. Pikazo’s original illustration clearly shows several cat friends. Where are they? By her expression, she sure as shit doesn’t want you, so she needs other kitty friends to chill with her on her heavenly floof. Cat Maid also takes up a lot of space. Although the gorgeous splay of her hair emphasizes her regal pose, it takes up a lot of room. I’m really just bitching about the fact that I had to rearrange my entire case for her, but she’s worth it. Plus, the Feng Shui of my top shelf is blowing my mind.

I really hate that my house has these old ass wooden panels.

Final Lady Red verdict: BUY HER MEOW!!!!!

Don’t worry, Red didn’t forget your pantsu shot.

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