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PVC Waifus’ 2021 Preorders

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It’s that time of year, friends! Christmas is around the corner, so hopefully the handful of people who love us will buy those figures on our wishlists. While we’re grateful for the figures we do have, us hardcore collectors always have our eyes on the future. In a year full of delayed shipments, we can only hope our preorders for 2021 make it on time.

Check out some of the goodies we’re waiting for!

Red’s 2021 Preorders

All hail the Queen.

1. Asuka Langley

What would my life be like without the Queen? Radio Eva Asuka was slated to come out this December but since she’s been delayed three times (original release date being July 2020) I’m not holding my breath. Even if my leading lady does release in December I won’t get her until next year anyways. Isn’t she totally amazing, though?

Snipe me.

2. Mari Makinami

Oh look, another Evangelion figure! I like Mari. Sure, Anno had no idea what to do with her in Rebuild, but her dynamic with Asuka is cool and ship worthy. Plus, I’m a fan of Shunya Yamashita’s pin-up girl illustrations. If you know who he is, his style is pretty obvious in Mari’s figure. If not, now you have something to Google. She’ll go nicely with my Asuka and Rei in this set. Where Misato at, Flare? Give us Misato!!!

She’s cast off, too!

3. Nisei Muramasa

I really know dick about Full Metal Daemon Muramasa. I think it’s about suits of living armor, hot chicks and turmoil. What I do know is that I like Sansei Muramasa a lot. After finding out her hot mom, Nisei, was also getting a figure, I jumped on that shit. Not only am I hungry for dark skin anime ladies, Nisei’s outfit and color scheme matches Sansei’s version, which came out in 2014. They are going to look so nice next to each other. Sansei has an updated figure coming out next year to match Nisei , but honestly, it pales in comparison to the 2014 version by Wing.

I hope she chews bubblegum.

4. Stella

I love original characters. It lets me commit to the waifu lifestyle without getting my feelings hurt by the bajillions of anime out there. It’s hard to binge watch so many shows when you’re a sad, working adult. That’s why I’m super excited for Stella. Her pink, succubus aesthetic will go nicely with my other OG ladies. She’s so curvy and cute. I know in reality a succubus encounter would be an agonizing nightmare of pain, pleasure and death, but…eh.

If i had a dick, she could take my soul from there.

5. Laura Mischief

First and foremost, look at her. Is that not the most amazing sight you’ve laid your eyes on? Second, Laura Mischief? Coolest name ever. Seeing that Laura is another Original Character Succubus, I guess you can figure out where my mind is at. Seriously, who doesn’t want this figure? There’s something so wonderfully lewd yet regal about her. Send me to Hell, I guess.

Goatius’ 2021 Preorders

1. Belfast – Oath of Claddagh Ring ver.

Here’s a fun fact: I tried playing Azur Lane once. I didn’t like it. But I did watch the anime that came out this year, and fell in love with Belfast; women with chokers are waifu material. When I saw this wedding version, I lost my goddamned mind and my wallet soon followed. Wedding dress figures are among my favorite niches in collecting, so combine that with this angelic maid and her gigantic tiddys, and there goes my money!

2. Rin Tohsaha – 15th Celebration Dress ver.

Another girl in a dress? Hell fucking yeah. Rin is among my top tsundere girls just because she has to put up with bitch-ass Shirou, while also being one of the more competent mages in Fate. For the super low price point on this figure, I would have been a fool not to preorder. You telling me you don’t love her aqua eyes and auburn hair? That red dress with vivid purple liner? Let me tell you about the Gospel of Rin, my friend…

3. Yumi- Bikini style

I know the premise of Senran Kagura, and watched some of the anime…but that’s as deep as my knowledge gets. Yumi is an aesthetic purchase for me. I’ve always wanted a Yumi, and this is the cheapest one I really liked. Her outfit is very cute, and her body is “woah.” I don’t typically go for pouty or shy faced figures, but in this case, I imagine she’s feeling insecure and is asking me how she looks. Two thumbs up, Yumi!

4. Yurufuwa Maid Bunny illustration by Masami Chie

More fun facts: I don’t own any FREEing bunnies. They’re kind of boring to me, you know? They all kneel or squat, I assume, because a 1/4 scale would probably be awkward to package and ship, and is hard to display. The only bunny I will own (someday) is Belldandy from Ah My Goddess!, because I accidentally wound up liking her by the end of that show. Until Belldandy arrives, this Yurufuwa maid, with her yummy, wide hips and thicc, chubby bunny legs will have to do.

5. Mai Sakurajima – Newly Written Knit Dress ver.

If you don’t love Mai Sajurajima, leave this website and never return. She is too good for this world. She’s busy living the stressful life of a glamour girl in the spotlight, and what are we doing? Ogling plastic beauties from our mobile phones and monitors? Shame on us for not being worthy of this raven-haired paragon of humanity.

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