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The Official PVC Waifus 2019-2020 Photobook

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We’ve kept this a secret up until now, but PVC Waifus has been working on a photo book; I was very excited to find two Shutterfly boxes in my lobby when I returned from work today. I can’t convey how excited I was to see almost two years of blogging in my hands. I’ve had digital film projects and fiction work published online, but holding tangible proof of one’s efforts is…special.

The book contains 65 of what I think are our most glamorous, sexy, and beautiful pics of our lewd collection. But if I’m being perfectly honest (and sappy), the PVC Waifus blog has also been a good opportunity to build relationships with people on social media who like the same NSFW stuff I do, and that’s amazing.

We would love to share this creation with all of you. Send us a message through Instagram (@pvc_waifus), Twitter (@Pvcwaifus), or email ( for details. And if you support our work through Patreon, we’ll take 20% off the total price.

Thank you for your love and good vibes, everyone. Let’s make 2021 a great year!

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