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Natural Beauty

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This story is based on our review of Yomu Tights Futtota.

(1574 words)

There was a pleasant glow coming from the white chiffon curtains in Yom’s room. Every time the sheer material moved, streams of light decorated the walls in delicate and ornate designs–except when the light hit Yom. It marred her body in an unflattering way. It cast shadows more like scars, illuminating the parts of her she despised. She hated the way her skin pillowed over the hem of her pantyhose, and hated the patches of cellulite hiding under the smokey fabric. If the light shied away with a new breeze, she understood why. It’s natural loveliness wasn’t meant to touch her ugly body.

Shoten was arriving in an hour to take Yom to the new Ganbare Cafe. She glanced at the clock and then the pile of clothes on the floor. When her eyes found her half-naked reflection in the mirror, she groaned, flopping backward onto her bed. Doki, disturbed from her cat nap, chirped in annoyance. Yom rolled onto her stomach and sighed heavily into the soft sheets.


Doki replied by turning her back to Yom. The cat made sure to flash her butthole right before getting comfortable. 

“Thanks, jerk.” 

Begrudgingly, Yom pulled herself away from the comfort. She had wasted the last two hours trying to decide what outfit to wear. Two hours agonizing over her body parts and wondering what Shoten even saw in her. 

Yom’s mind went back and forth, taking quick breaks to analyze the dwindling time on her clock.

“Dokiiiii,” she whined. 

The cat’s ears perked up to her name.

“He’ll be mad, right? Won’t he? If I cancel?” Yom snatched a white sailor blouse from the floor to see if she liked it.“But I’m the one who begged him to go!”

Doki watched lazily, pressing her head into Yom’s arm as she passed by.

Yom failed to understand why she couldn’t just finish getting ready. Just throw on some clothes and be cool. She knew that if she opened the door to her apartment in an oversized hoodie and sweats, Shoten would shower her with kisses and tell her she looked fine as hell. So why couldn’t she accept it? Why did it even matter?

“Fuck it!” Yom yelled, eliciting an accusatory eye squint from the orange tabby. “I’ll make this outfit look good!”. 

Yom wondered if Doki could see through her false declaration of confidence. But the cat dozed, uninterested in the triviality of humans.

When Shoten arrived at Yom’s apartment, butterflies filled his stomach. His boss had let him off work early, and so to surprise his girlfriend, he planned to sneak inside. Very carefully, Shoten twisted the keys in the lock and pushed the door open. He winced when it scraped against the cylinder. Shoten held his breath and listened for Yom’s voice calling his name. Nothing. Shoten exhaled, assuming that Yom was still getting ready. Stepping inside and removing his shoes, he shuffled across the wooden floor, freezing when he heard Yom cursing from her room. Her melodic vocal cords only made the cussing sound cute and slightly unnatural. It was as if a puppy suddenly wandered into the room, but instead of barking, it just said: “fuck”. Shoten held his hand to his mouth, struggling not to laugh. The ridiculous scenario kept playing out in his head.

Reaching Yom’s cracked bedroom door, Shoten flattened against the wall. He peeked his head inside. A flush immediately bloomed at the center of his chest, rippling through his body. Yom, as usual, was half-dressed. Her straight brown strands hung neatly over her shoulder. She stood in front of her full-body mirror, grabbing her ass in her hands, assessing if it was fatter than the last time. She kneaded the skin in a discontented way. Every time the supple mounds of flesh poured over her fingertips, Shoten’s dick twitched. He sucked in the air around him, noting the distant taste of Yom’s floral perfume on his tongue. He didn’t understand why Yom couldn’t see how incredibly gorgeous she was. She could show up in a hoodie and sweatpants, and Shoten knew he’d be full mast in milliseconds. But this? 

Shoten swallowed. Every time Yom twisted her body around to check for error, Shoten saw perfection. The way her stomach peeked out from under her blouse or the small rolls of skin that spilled past the hem of her pantyhose. The pantyhose themselves accentuated every curve of her body, from the soft roundness of her ass down to the arch in her feet. Shoten’s prick stiffened painfully. While he watched Yom struggle with her appearance, he felt as though he hadn’t done the best job in showing her how lovely she was, how sexy. Stepping quietly into her room. Shoten was determined to make Yom feel like a goddamned Aphrodite. 

The squeal that followed filled the room. Shoten had surprised her, to which the sound escaped her lips against her wishes. But Yom she relented quickly, allowing him to pull at her hips. She laughed when his hardness rubbed against her bottom. 

“Horny already?” Yom reached behind her and stroked Shoten through his jeans. He didn’t answer. 


Yom’s thoughts were cut short. Shoten was edging her closer to the bed. His hands were soft and her body melted into the movement while he lightly pressed her onto the covers. She felt flush, momentarily forgetting about the two-plus hours of self-depreciation. That was until she glanced over to the mirror. Seeing her body from the side, splayed out under her boyfriend’s thin physique, caused her body to stiffen. Yom noticed how much broader she looked compared to Shoten whose face was now buried in the side of her neck. The warm kisses he trailed along her skin merged the feelings of pleasure with the pressure of panic. Every time Shoten’s hands grabbed at her hips; the pleasure faded farther and farther away.

“Stop,” she said. 

Shoten’s hand pulled her gaze from the mirror. The accumulation of self-hatred sat on Yom’s tear ducts. Shoten gazed at her, a smile on his lips that held no trace of disgust or teasing. Only the genuine look of a man who loved everything about her. Although the imperfections Yom found in herself were not erased, their scrutiny was quieted by the love that poured from Shoten’s affectionate ogling. When he bent down to kiss her, Yom found her pleasure renewed in Shoten’s gravitational pull. She gasped when his hands slid down her belly. 

Yom was dizzy. She couldn’t make out anything that Shoten was saying hot against her skin. She caught a few breathless “beautifuls” and muffled “gorgeous’”, but it was the ripping sound of her pantyhose that sent her head spinning. She lifted her thighs, cradling Shoten’s head between them. Her fingers tangled into his hair, and pulled when she felt her panties being pushed aside. 

Shoten’s tongue was warm between her folds. He licked Yom slowly and deliberately. All the air in her lungs exited in long drawn out sighs. Yom closed her eyes, arching her back each time the tip of his tongue hit that sweet spot. Shoten was attentive, and her head started to fill with fantasies. She wondered what his licking looked like between her thighs. Embarrassed, Yom lifted her back from the bed to watch him, hoping to find him distracted enough in the act. Instead, she met his gaze again. He watched her thoughtfully just as his tongue sent her body into a spasm. Yom clapped her hands over her mouth, but it was too late. A moan escaped her lips, and she threw herself back into the mattress. Doki mewed somewhere in the room. 

Yom’s legs were trembling when Shoten rose from between her thighs. He planted a sticky kiss on her lips, then grabbed her hips and scooched her down to the edge of the bed. Yom’s heart skipped a beat hearing Shoten’s zipper come down. She watched, mildly embarrassed, while his jeans and boxers slid down around his thighs. She didn’t get a chance to admire him long before he hid between her legs. Shoten wrapped his arms around her thighs and lifted the shaking muscles. 

There was something about the torn pantyhose and the two of them still almost fully clothed that filled Yom with desire. Shoten’s eagerness to please her, his commanding movements. The way he ate up her body both under the clothing and in it. Yom opened her legs a little wider for him, reaching down and pushing her panties aside this time. The move was felt between them, and neither could wait any longer. 

“You’re captivating,” he told her. Yom went another shade of red, feeling him pushed past the fabric of her panties and inside. “Ravishing, irresistible.” Every new synonym was another trust. 

Yom reached for Shoten, pulling him close against her while he moved. Listening to his mutterings, the words fading in and out through their panting.  

A glint of light hitting the mirror sent a reminder to Yom as if to say, “forget something?” She buried her face into Shoten’s damp shirt and chanced a peek. The entangling of their bodies and the unison of their lovemaking looked good. Yom looked good. The skin that showed was blushed under Shoten’s body, fingers clinging to his side. Shoten’s desire was apparent; his movements and his murmured declarations of love were concrete. Yom closed her eyes and let Shoten take her elsewhere. The cafe could wait another day.

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