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Jeanne D'Arc Alter

A Tribute to Fate

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My introduction to the Fate series by Type-Moon was Unlimited Blade Works, which was on Netflix a couple of years ago (and still is?). I think it was the year 2017. My friend was watching it, and like usual I ignored him until the last possible second. But I’d heard about Fate before from another friend; I tried Fate/Zero once and was bored as fuck. Maybe because I make bad decisions at night, I chose to give UWB a try some sleepy evening. I was hooked after that.

In the years since, I’ve collected 16 figures, two acrylic stands, and some other memorabilia. I also play Fate/Grand Order on my iPhone. Because we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, manufacture and shipment of new figures–from any brand–is much slower. Gives me a lot of time to stare at the collection I already have, you know? Maybe you’d appreciate a peek as well.

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