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PVC Waifu’s Holy Grails

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The term “Holy Grail” was something I picked up in the Anime Figure Reddit. Instead of an old wooden goblet guarded by The Grail Knight, picture Indiana Jones trying to choose the one true waifu/husbando from a table full of plastic anime characters. Wait, I made a meme for this.

Is this blasphemous? ………Nah.

A collector’s holy grail can be defined in a couple of ways. For most community members, a holy grail is a figure or item that is near impossible to acquire. The grails rarity could be caused by insane after market prices, limited production, or country exclusivity. For others, their holy grail is just a figure or item that they really want. It’s not necessarily hard to get but more like a mental haunting. Either way, the term “Holy Grail” evokes a sense of great desire, so, whether you have only one MIGHTY NEED or a hundred, that’s A-OK. Goatius and I aren’t here to judge; just show you ours.


Kurumo Kuruno from Rosario Vampire (Orchid Seed)

Original Retail Price: ~$75 USD / Aftermarket Price: ~$200 USD and up

(Insert Tsumugu Kinagase voice) There are two things you need to know. One: I love blue-haired anime girls. Two: Kurumu Kurono was too good for Tsukune. Red thinks Moka was the OTP for him in Rosario Vampire, but, like, (insert Governor Cuomo voice) Red is entitled to their own opinions. Red is not entitled to their own facts. Kurumu had so much love for Tsukune and he curved her harder than the Jackie Robinson Parkway in Queens, New York. Like, she’s a fucking succubus, Tsukune! She gonna fuck you so good that you’ll die! What the hell, man? If you like pussy, why not go for the WAP, bro? If I wasn’t a 3D human and happily married, boy… I woulda been singing “Swimming Pools” and diving in with no goggles.

Sansei Muramasa – Oasis version, Renewal version from Soukou Akki Muramasa (Amakuni)

Original Retail Price: ~$80 USD / Aftermarket Price: ~$200 USD

Talk about swimming pools! I already have a Muramasa figure, but, like, goddamn! I wish I was a smarter collector when I started a few years ago. Let me lick her! Let me stare until I’m sent to a mental institution for unresponsiveness. Mmm, caramel beauty… Does anyone else feel their soul warming with the positively radiant glow of Muramasa’s skin? What do I do with these feelings? You’re right, I have to bite the bullet. JUST BUY HER ALREADY! She’s worth risking it all, fellas! **yeets wallet into the ocean**

Shin Godzilla – Chou Gekizou Series (Art Spirits, Plex)

Original Retail Price: ~$150 USD / Aftermarket Price: ~$300 USD and up

Alright, here me out. First off, I am not sexually attracted to Shin Godzilla. I mean, its mouth is pretty big, so you can put stuff in there, I guess. And its thighs are thicc–absurdly thicc. It’s arms are really muscular. Hm… While I reconsider my preference in romantic partners, it’s hard to deny that looking at Shin Godzilla gives me the same fuzzies I get from my waifus. The movie Shin Godzilla was directed by Hideaki Anno, creator of Red’s favorite anime of all time, Evangelion. I wonder if Red is also writing love letters to an imaginary, radioactive lizard…


Asuka Langley Resin Doll by Vispo

I would legit start sewing for this.

Original Retail Price: ~$625 USD / Aftermarket Price: ~$1,500 USD and up

I don’t own any dolls but I like them. This Asuka Langley Vispo doll is one of the most beautiful and high-quality dolls I’ve laid eyes on. In my opinion, she looks better then the Dolfie Dreams. BUT retailing at $625 back in 2010 was outrageous. If you can even find this doll now, she goes for over $1k – $2k if she’s in mint condition. Safe to say, I’ll probably never own her. If I do manage to acquire her, I’d be lying if I wasn’t also afraid she would haunt me. Like Annabelle. Dolls do that, you know?

Asuka Langley – Zettai Ryouiki GK – 1/4 (Volks)

Original Retail Price: ~$780 USD (unpainted) / Aftermarket Price: ~$1,500 USD and up

I’m not very original. Asuka takes up a lot of grail space. This 1/4 figure is a Garage Kit – so if you can even find an authentic unpainted one you’re going to drop a shit ton of money and then more money to find someone who can paint it (unless you paint GK’s). Finding one hand painted professionally will require part if not all of your soul. If you search this kit online, bootleg resin recasts pop up for significantly lower prices. Even then, the recasts are still 3-5 hundred because it’s just that good. I mean, look at her! She’s a goddamn work of art. Asuka’s in Her heaven, all’s right with the world. AMEN.

K-2SO 1/1 Scale by Sideshow Collectibles

End me. He’s perfect. Alan Tudyk’s cool too.

Original Retail Price: ~$8,000 USD / Aftermarket Price: ~$9,000 USD and up

SIKE no big titty waifus are in my top 3 grails. Goatius already knows that I am in love with a Star Wars droid. Like, MADLY in love. (Sorry to my wife). Now you know too. I own most of K-2’s figures outside these ridiculously, unattainable, large scale statues. It’s obviously a trend that the reason I can’t get the grails I want is because of money. If I dropped $8,000.00 on a life size, lifeless, unmoving statue …. then I’d just be irresponsible. So I hope someday that I’m rich because…because…. he’s my husbando! That’s why T-T

So now that Goatius’ and I have shown you our top grails, drop a comment below and tell us yours. PWEASE UWU

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