Blue and Purple Haired Waifus

I have a sweet spot for blue (and purple) haired anime waifus. Now, I haven’t watched every anime or read every manga in the world, but the ones I’ve enjoyed have featured leading ladies from the cool color spectrum. Do I think these ladies far surpass other waifus? Well, let’s have a look at some of my favorites.

Major Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

When I was growing up, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex aired on Toonami late nights. Although always fascinated by it, I didn’t become a fan until shortly before leaving for college. Major Motoko Kusanagi was a character that stood out for many reasons: that absurd leotard she wore until 2nd Gig, her no-nonsense attitude, hacker skills, and that purple hair. Also, Mary McGlynn’s voice for her dub was PERFECT. I think Stand Alone Complex made Major one of the best female anime characters ever.

Whether or not Major is purple-haired before the debut Stand Alone Complex is a little complicated. The cover of The Ghost in the Shell omnibus by Dark Horse shows her with kaleidoscopic purple hair, but the interior color pages range from blue to black. The variance may have to do more with Masamune-san’s medium (markers or ink) and the fact coloring anything straight black is not something artists often do.

Kurumu Kurono (Rosario Vampire)

So I did gush about Kurumu during Red’s Holy Grail post. I won’t subject you to more of my shameless worship of this Rosario Vampire succubus beauty, whose love is certainly appreciated by Tsukune but is rejected for his greater love of Moka in the series. I do wonder how a human is able to turn down the advances of a succubus, though. Perhaps a vampire’s allure is greater?

Unlike with Major Motoko Kusanagi, I don’t remember a significant amount of depth to Kurumu’s character, but that’s a matter of genre. This was another series I watched in college, late at night in the dorm room, when my roommate was somewhere else with his girlfriend and I needed my own woman to cling to. Who cares if Kurumu is fictional? Don’t judge me.

Senjougahara (Monogatari Series)

I used to think of Senjougahara as a tsundere character, hiding her true feelings behind anger and occasional acts of violence. I think the animators at SHAFT did an excellent job of developing that trope and giving her character life through NisioIsin’s complex dialogue. I think Senjougahara–as well as most of the Monogatari cast–are among the best characters in any fiction.

Despite her being Araragi’s girlfriend, Senjougahara isn’t featured for much of Monogatari’s events. They develop a romance after he helps her with deeply rooted traumas…and then she occasionally appears as Araragi helps his unofficial harem. She does show up for a few famous scenes, like when she handcuffs Araragi in an old classroom and tortures him with soda (I have that figure), and her bathing with Hanekawa during a sleepover. If you’re looking for a purple-haired beauty who can entertain with endless quips and endless love, and gives more of herself than she can sometimes afford, look no further than Senjougahara.

Ryoko Hakubi (Tenchi Muyo)

Here’s a secret: after months of debating, I ordered the recently released Ryoko FREEing bunny. I’d be lucky if there’s ever another figure of hers released while I’m still alive. Tenchi Muyo doesn’t have the massive media pull other franchises do, and yet it’s still hanging around. Maybe there’s a small but devoted Ryoko fanbase out there in Japan. Good for them!

Based on this list of characters I have so far, purple haired women are “deeper” characters, and blue haired women are more “shallow.” I think that’s an appropriate description for Ryoko, very much an in-the-moment person in the Tenchi Muyo universe. Perhaps that’s what I like about her. Everyone has stress and trauma in life, but it takes a lot of strength to love unconditionally and to persevere. I think Tenchi Universe (aka Tenchi TV) and the Tenchi in Love 2 film illustrate how deep her love goes. In that sense, she’s not shallow at all. Maybe that’s why she was my first waifu.


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