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Red Head Waifus

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With a name like Red and a love of the most famous ginger, Asuka Langley, I’ve acquired a reputation for liking the color. Surprisingly, I don’t own many figures or waifu merch of red-heads aside from Asuka. However, several heroines out there deserve a shout out for their carmine and carrot top locks.

ASUKA LANGLEY (Evangelion)

Evangelion was one of my first intense anime affair. Yes, my childhood is filled with Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Gundams, and Pokemon. But Evangelion hit differently. Although I wafted through my first viewing of Evangelion, confused and mildly disturbed, it was a lasting connection.

We are all Baka.

That being said, is Asuka truly a waifu? I have mad respect and love for her. Her fiery tsundere attitude (and hair) appeals to me, though often it’s a façade for deep-rooted trauma. Regardless, all I want for her and the other Eva pilots is happiness. Is that too much to ask?

MIIA (Monster Musume)

Miia is a lamia or half snake, half woman. Instead of devouring people, Miia is a sweet albeit obsessive monster girl who’s in love with her cultural exchange host, Kurusu. Not only does Miia have red hair, but red scales. That’s a whole lot of red for you to enjoy, amiright?

This whole scene was crazy, lol
It’s ok. Accept it. You would do the snek girl.

Miia is actually not my favorite waifu on Monster Musume. That title goes to Rachnera. But I do like Miia, and I think she deserves a spot on the red-haired waifu post because she’s so unique. She’s literally got the body of a snake, a snake that wears lace panties. Monster Musume confused us all and made us simp for sexy monster ladies, which I’m ok with.

RIAS GREMORY (Highschool DxD)

Going to be real with you, but Rias is on here because I don’t want to die. She’s a fan favorite for so many people, so I feel like a bad person not including her on the red-haired highlight. Rias, the heiress to the Gremory Clan and Kuoh Academy’s leading beauty, is a sight to behold.


Sadly, I don’t own any figures of her. Goatius has one, which is probably my favorite of the many figures I’ve seen of her. Looking at the list, I’ve noticed that several red-head characters are kind, compassionate, and loving. Until their angry switch flips on, and they become psycho. But Rias’ tantrums are usually for a good cause. Maybe not for Issei.

FEMALE (JANE) SHEPHARD (Mass Effect Series)

Ok, ok. Shep. isn’t anime. I had to put her on her because I’m in love with her. Shephard is a customizable character (in one of the best RPG games ever made), so technically, she could have any hair color you want. By default, though, Shephard has beautiful red hair, which I will never, ever change.

I didn’t want to steal the plethora of fan art sooo…. high res images were scarce ._.

Fem Shep. is the kind of waifu who will swoop in on the Normandy and save your ass from Reaper destruction. Renegade or Paragon, Shepard’s a bad bitch, and she can pistol whip me any time of the day. I can’t think of a better waifu than that. If you haven’t played the Mass Effect Series, I implore you to do so. The remaster is set for release this year, so now’s your chance to bed aliens and fight big mechanical space shrimps.

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