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Classic Muramasa

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I think it’s safe to assume that things are slowing down here at PVC Waifus. Not in a bad way, but the rate at which Goatius and I receive new figures is becoming farther and farther in between. Hence the strive for more anime and waifu-related content outside of figures. Thanks, COVID! I’ve been itching to do a figure review and take some new, spicy photos, though. So, today I’m showcasing an “old” figure. 

Sansei Muramasa isn’t a new character on the blog. Goatius has the Wedding Muramasa by Amakuni, whose beautiful curves fit fantabulous in white lingerie. I’ll be looking at Wing’s Muramasa, who is outfitted in her classic red attire. Her human look is a past reflection. If you’re familiar with the Full Metal Daemon franchise, Muramasa is actually a steel suit of sentient armor. Outside of this information, I know jack crap about Full Metal Daemon. I just like how hot human Muramasa is. Is that a crime? Hell, no. 

Still sexy right?

Wing’s OG Muramasa was first released in 2014 and had a brief rerelease in 2016. I have the 2014 release, so the figure’s quality isn’t as smooth as newer released versions of her. Plus, Wing’s not up there in terms of popular, well-known companies. She’s still a highly sought-after figure, though. Classic Muramasa is going for about double to triple her after-market price despite the flaws.

Muramasa is a stunner. I love most of her figures. One of my attractions to her is because there are so few dark-skinned anime waifus. I like a little representation in a market that has so few variations in skin tone. I also like white hair. I also like red. And cast off. Damn, she just hits all my checkboxes, doesn’t she? She also comes with an extra faceplate. So, if you want pissed off Muramasa or the look of adoration, you can choose your kink for the day. YAY!

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the furrrrr

Muramasa does have those aforementioned flaws, unfortunately. The skin molding is off in some areas. There are rough spots where it’s obvious that sanding down the PVC became an issue. There are blatant seams on her fingers and less than perfect paint on the small details. On one part of her thigh, it looks like someone airbrushed over a strand of hair. A piece of the painter lives with me forever.

One of the biggest problems with Classic Muramasa is her castoff. While her tits are some of the best I’ve seen on a figure (hence the possible after-market price), she is one of those puzzle piece castoffs. Taking Muramasa entirely apart, she has eight pieces. Both her arms, chest, waist, skirt, hair, and head come apart. The 8th piece is a tiny little rope bow to complete her underwear-look should you remove the dress. I had to pry off all of these pieces with a surprising amount of force. I had to do all this without damaging the paint or breaking her brittle hair antennas. I don’t know if this is an issue for everyone who has her, but it makes me scared to do the castoff. Breaking her would make me big sad. 

Hot damn.

This Muramasa probably isn’t the best of them if you require absolute perfection in your waifus. But she’s still beautiful in my eyes, despite the flaws in her design. I’ll be getting her milf – I mean Mom – sometime this year, so keep a lookout for that. Mommy and daughter waifus! How exciting and a little bit weird. 

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