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shizuku kanno close up

Shizuku Kanno

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When did I order this beauty? December 19, 2019? Jesus, I’ve waited almost fifteen months. From now on I’m only using DHL as my shipping method. I’d rather be broke and impatient than rich and living without my waifus, especially one as precious as Shizuku Kanno. If anyone should object to my love for this figure, speak now or forever hold your peace!

shizuku kanno fulll body photo

Full disclosure: my copilot Red bought Kanno from another person last month, but didn’t post a review out of respect for my year of waiting. (Thank you, Senpai Red.) But that speaks to how pretty this figure is. And she’s in a wedding dress! What’s hotter than a bride drinking champagne with unbridled joy? A bride who has also shed most of her wedding attire except for the veil, corset, stockings, and heels. Kanno is ready to consummate her vows. Hell fucking yeah!

I’ve yet to see a wedding dress waifu that lacked immaculate details. Most gowns have the same flowers, butterfly, and lacy patterns. There’s pink and white colors. The boobs are interchangeable. Ass is peeking out between frilly underwear. The basics are the same for all of them as far as I can tell; Kanno reminds me of the Muramasa I own. Even so, I don’t get tired of the ruffles or elegant hair twisting and bobbing. I looked at my own wedding photos recently and thought, “Why is there such a big gap between my front teeth?” My 3D wife, on the other hand, was pretty and all smiles.

Shizuku Kanno is likely in a hotel room after the ceremony has ended. Her spouse is probably trying to set the mood with candles and flowers strewn about the sheets. Kanno has interchangeable faces: one features a faint smile while the other has a grinning and rosy-cheeked expression. Let’s assume the latter face is drunk, happy, and horny. Her bra comes off and can be swapped with not one, but two breast plates: a pair of standard boobs and one with an especially perky right nipple. This nipple is being sucked into the champagne glass she holds at her chest for reasons no one can explain. But is it hot? Yes.

Unlike with my Muramasa figure, Shizuku Kanno’s panties can be slipped off. (Yes!) Her labia are wide open and ready for whatever genitals or toys she’s eager for. Kanno’s butt isn’t up to my typical standards–needs to be thick like a Five Guys Double Stuf Oreo shake–but she’s also seated so this is forgivable. It is a nice view from the back.

You may be wondering about her veil? It does come off as shown in the promo photos, but I don’t see why anyone would want to remove it. And for as many cast-off features as this figure comes with, I prefer to leave what little ensemble she has on her person. As I’ve said countless times on this blog, the fun for most cast-offs is imagining the nudity, the boundary society has built up so high between our naked selves and our morality. Anyone who has seen Kill la Kill knows where I’m coming from. The only thing I swapped on Kanno for display is the exuberant smile because that joy is infectious. I can’t help smiling in the presence of such rapture.

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