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This fanfic is based on our review of Skytube’s Shizuku Kanno figure.

(1413 words)

For one joyous day, the people you love most in life came together to celebrate your fairy-tale marriage to the ridiculously out of your league Shizuku Kanno. Like, did you ever think that the administrative assistant to the marketing company you work for would ever make small talk with a web designer who spent most of her time working with headphones on at the other end of the open concept office? That you two would celebrate the completion of a major project for a million dollar contract by being accidentally locked in the same utility closet, too drunk to realize that your keys were in your jacket the entire time? Who knew that Shizuku loved spending her evenings playing Japanese role playing games on her Playstation as much as you do? Or that she admires the way you snort whenever laughing? Or that you both grew up down the street from the same bakery and would order mini croissants in a pack of ten, throwing butter on them so that you had a morning snack before school? Or that your mother had taught Shizuku math in the seventh grade? Or that Shizuku’s father worked as a police offer, and caught you one evening smoking weed outside the steps of your high school, but you managed to escape by jumping into the dumpster where the janitor just emptied the uneaten cod fillets for the week? For as long as you live, you can never imagine anything more unbelievable and amazing as this day. 

Shizuku seems even happier than you do as she sits at her stool, watching you as you come out of the hotel shower with one towel wrapped around your hair and another draped across your torso. She holds a now empty glass of champagne above her head. Her tongue extends to catch the last drip of alcohol. You’re fairly certain that she was the slightest bit drunk as the priest asked you to recite your vows earlier. Perhaps she and the bridesmaids blew off some nervous energy by pre-gaming at the hotel bar, or sneaking some vodka into the dressing room. That would explain the scent coming off her lips as you two uttered your “I do”s and kissed at the altar. She was known as a bit of a boozer, after all—which didn’t make her any less endearing. In fact, it made her normally professional, stone-cold visage even cuter because deep down you knew she wasn’t the immaculate admin you feared initially. Back in that utility closet, when the two of you first locked eyes for more than a second and got to know one another, that’s when you learned that Shizuku Kanno was her truest, happiest self when her inhibitions were drowned in a swimming pool of liquor. 

“What took you so long?” Shizuku asks with the slightest slur to her words. Her dim-witted smile is enough to catch your heart on fire. She points to the white bed and its silk sheets shimmering in the candlelight. You’re fairly certain candles aren’t allowed in the hotel, but Shizuku somehow got ahold of some and lit them to set the mood (all without lighting the room on fire in her stupor). “And look! I took some of the flowers we got today and put the petals on the bed. W-we can fuck on the sheets like a real couple now!”  

“But we are a real couple, Shizuku,” you laugh aloud. 

She approaches with the champagne glass still in hand. She holds it to your lips and tells you to drink what little there. There is nothing in the glass, of course, because she drank it all. You humor her anyway. It’s her special day as much as it is yours.

“That’s good,” you say to her while wearing a smile.

“Don’t make fun of me,” Shizuku pouts. “I know there’s nothing in there. I wanted to see if you would drink it anyway. That’s how I know you’re a good woman. You laugh at me without making fun of me.”

“That’s a surprisingly lucid thought. Are you sure you’re drunk?”

“Fuck me, you animal!” Shizuku suddenly pounces atop you and the unexpected attack sends you both crashing onto the bed. Petals rise and fall. The sheets smell vaguely of lavender. For the first time you notice a mirror set into the ceiling. The sight of your frumpy, toweled self beneath the bewitching bride is something out of a daydream. You’re afraid you’ll wake up if you stare for too long.

“Shouldn’t you take a shower first?” you propose to Shizuku. “I mean, I don’t personally mind if you’re a little sweaty. But you normally like to shower before we do anything like this.”

“Are you saying I stink?” Shizuku mumbles while hastily removing the towel from your damp hair and disrobing you. Your body is especially clean shaven—not a normal occurrence, but today was a special occasion. Not a thigh, pit, or pubic hair to be found. Shizuku notices. “Woah. You’re naked! You didn’t have to shave down there for me. Aw, you’re the sweetest girlfriend ever.”

“I’m your wife now,” you correct. “And I’m only doing this for tonight. I had to borrow my brother’s electric razor for…those parts…since I’m too scared to use a razor.”

“He let you do that?”

“He actually did,” you smirk. “He’s a good sport.”

“S-so next time he goes to shave he’s going to smell”—

“Don’t say it”—-

“Your pussy!” Shizuku gags before beginning a fit of laughter. “You don’t think that’s fucking weird?”

“God, let’s change the subject.”

Shizuku wipes the tears from her eyes. She smiles and takes a deep breath as if drinking you in. “You’re right. Let’s get back to your smooth and yummy body. I’m gonna eat you all up.” Her sweet lips find their way to yours. Her head bobs around a bit while she struggles to focus; she’s a lot drunker than you initially thought. You’re aroused by this slovenly bride flowing over your bare breasts and abs like a white-veiled spirit, running her silken gloves across the length of your arms to hold your hands, skimming past your ribs with her tongue, tucking the tip of her nose into your navel while you fail to restrain your giggles. The roses afixed to her veil shed their petals onto your torso. This really is a dream, isn’t it.

You feel her warm breath over your very sensitive pubic area. She kisses the mound just above your labia. Goosebumps surge over your entire body. A gasp escapes your lips in anticipation. You look down at your spouse, who looks up at you from beneath her pink bangs with those lovely and loving pink eyes. 

She grins. You grin in return. 

“You know what?” Shizuku says. She climbs off of you and stands in the middle of the room. You didn’t pay attention to how naughty her wedding lingerie was until then. Her pearlescent white heels and the delicate, thigh-high stockings connected to an airy corset are enough to whet your appetite. Her underwear—if you could even call it that—gently squeezed her love handles, and the spillover of that skin flooded your body with desire. You had to have her. You had to have all of her.

“What’s going on?” you whine in horny frustration. 

“I think I will take that shower.”

“What?!” You practically leap from the bed. “So that was a tease?”

“Yeah. Isn’t that the fun part? The foreplay?”

“But my lady boner is so hard!”

“You can join me if you want. If you don’t mind getting wet again.” Shizuku seems to sway in place with her vacant smile. She is in her own little world, cheerily milking this moment for as long as she can. You aren’t sure if she’s was sober enough to make it to the shower. 

“Are you going to be okay?” you ask. “I should go with you. Make sure you don’t hit your head or something.”

“Sure,” Shizuku humors. “I can always use someone to wash my back.” Her gloved hands reach down for her panties and carefully slips them down her legs. She tosses the underwear at me; they land atop my head. She turns around and slowly waltzed to the bathroom. The rhythm of her hips, and the jiggle of her ass as one shoe struts in front of the other, draw you closer with their creamy, soft hypnosis. 

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