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Artist: Ming Mao

Chlorine is an original character illustrated by Ming Mao and manufactured by B’full/ FOTS Japan. I’ve talked about the company’s infamy before on this blog, but if you still aren’t familiar with them, they’re the company that does 3D printed figures. Take a mosey on over to this post if you want to know why so many people hate them. The short of it is the figures break easily and aren’t worth the price of their undetailed products. Knowing this, why am I preordering their figures at full price???

Little b it different lighting for the full body…. ISN’T SHE GORGEOUS

BECAUSE THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. Chlorine captivated me the minute I saw her CGI promotional photos. I knew she wouldn’t look as good as her “fake” rendition, but damn it! B’Full snags so many gorgeous doujin illustrator concepts. I am totally hooked.

Is she holding a stylus or a toothbrush??

Chlorine’s sculpting lacks depth from the prototype, but the 3D printed material called “PVC-L” makes an amazingly realistic, milky skin. The bright pink blush and definition of her torso is *chefs kiss*. Her pose and the semi-translucent look on her nightshirt are just the right amounts of sexy and artsy. I think B’full did a pretty good job bringing focus to the artists original color palette. I’ve pretty much determined I would die for her.

Of course, Chlorine is far from perfect. She has rough areas (specifically on her hair) where the 3D printed material wasn’t sanded enough. Her phone accessory is straight-up cheap. The print lines are visible, and it’s left completely undetailed and poorly shaped. On a plus note, she has no gaps in pegged areas, which is a common undesirable feature of B’full/FOTS Japan.

Obligatory pantsu shot for you.

B’Full also molded Chlorine to her base supports. It’s sort of ugly because it causes the figure to lean. It also destabilizes the flimsy-ass base. I’ve corrected the imbalance with a tiny wedge of paper, because if a B’Full figure wobbles, it will eventually snap at the ankle or do a Michael Jackson Anti-Gravity move. Again, all common aspects of the company.

But wtf is this?

I took a snap of her shitty packaging, too; another element of B’Full they need to fix. Instead of a blister to seal and secure her, she arrived between some foam and Dollar Tree bubble wrap. Don’t forget; this girl cost about $160. To my surprise, Chlorine was unscathed after traveling by boat for nearly 3 months.


I understand why people might get irritated with me because I keep giving a shit company money for their sub-par product. But their waifus have such a sharp appeal to me that even though I expect them broken, cracked, or far from their promotional pics, the result always impresses me. Chlorine is dainty, beautiful and her color combo of greys and pink is like music to my eyeballs. I sort of like the fragility of their figures while I hold them in my hand. If you can get past the company’s faults, people could enjoy Chlorine and their other waifus. I truly believe that. Never buy them for full price. You can leave that stupidity to me.

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