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Our figure review star for the day.

Velvet is admittedly a character I don’t know much about. She’s a vampire and a part of an eroge/hentai visual novel called Akeiro Kaikitan by Silky+ (18+). Here’s the translated synopsis:

Four girls committed suicide one after another. It was rumored that their deaths were caused by the ‘spirit of the old school building.’ For most, this was just a silly rumor, but Yashiro could not just ignore it. This was because he had been troubled by a strange dream ever since the shocking incidents, which caused him to get weaker day by day due to not being able to sleep soundly. One day, he saw a black-haired girl beckoning him in the hallway, but he was pulled back by a strange girl named Velvet. She told him to be careful because he was cursed.

Your lady choices. Be careful, the website has a lot of hentai images.

There you have it! It’s a horror harem game! There are several girls aside from Velvet who seems to be the canonical romance. Players can develop the relationships for different endings while you sleuth for ghosts. It’s pretty typical in my opinion, but who doesn’t love ghosts and seducing trope anime girls? I don’t know. I’ll never play it. 

I was drawn to Velvet because I have a thing for skimpy maids. While talking to Goatius, it suddenly dawned on me that I have six maid figures. I didn’t even realize my subconscious kink, but I’m not complaining.

Anyways, Velvet is a cast-off figure by Q-Six. There isn’t much to cast off, but her fantastic body sculpt more than makes up for that feature. Her pose is a lil’ weird, but I like representation for petite bewbed gals. Not every lady can have huge milkers– as someone who has them, I hate them. On myself, anyways. A round of applause for small boobs, both for their convenience and equal attractiveness. All boobs matter. *honks man pecs* 

Velvet as a figure has one huge flaw. She’s damn near impossible to get on her stand. So much so that I broke it. The flimsy little peg snapped right off in her foot. This happened because you have to bend and force the leg onto the other peg. It was terrifying. I’d rather the peg give than her leg breaking in two. If you CAN get Velvet onto the base, she leans forward. A lot. It looks terrible. I’m also confident that as time goes on, Velvet will continue to droop forward and do the Michael Jackson thing I mentioned in my last post.

She’s wedged on top of the front peg to correct the massive lean. Look at all the scratches on her foot! I did a shitty job.

I had to drill a hole up through the leg and reinforce her with a screw. It sucked because Velvet is immaculate look-wise, so a flaw this bad is irritating. Fortunately, my mickey mousing corrected the lean and her sturdiness. To hide my shit craftsmanship, I made a fluffy rug for the base. Effectively, Velvet’s worth is now zero, but I don’t think I’ll be selling her. I’d say, unless you end up being a massive simp for Velvet after this review, don’t get her. Let me wallow in my simping sorrows alone. 

Oh yeah! There’s a pink/long hair version! I kinda want it.

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  1. Thomas Castonguay Avatar
    Thomas Castonguay

    Thank you I am pleased to see her. I’ve only seen he r clothed before now. She looks great. Will probally buy her. TomCat


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