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Gustav’s Reika Series

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Reika is a fun character by artist Gustav. She’s a maid with angelic kindness, and devilish lust. I’ve never seen her do anything a maid typically does does, such as cook or clean. She’s seemingly good at one thing: fucking!

There are a couple of Reika stories. The longer one follows her time with Reiji, a young man whose inherited a fortune from his late father; Reika was in the father’s employ. Reiji and Reika discover the meaning of love while getting to know each other on very intimate terms. Seriously, she wakes Reiji up with a morning blow job (lucky bastard!). This story is cute, sad, and arousing all at once. Kind of amazing, really.

Another Reika tale involves breaking the fourth wall entirely. A lonely otaku purchases the real-life Reika scale figure by Lechery (one I’ve reviewed previously on the blog) and brings it home to start masturbating to. Turns out this figure becomes Reika if the owner is horny enough. Sex scenes ensue.

As a character, Reika is easy to like. She pledges undying loyalty to her masters, which she demonstrates through relentless intercourse. As her story with Reiji unfolds, she reveals some adorable quirks: she feels uncomfortable wearing casual clothing, and likes to see her master in a maid outfit. The latter predilection is unexpectedly hot.

If you’re looking for a good hentai manga series with a very likeable, almost magical heroine, Gustav’s Reika series is an excellent place to start. There are three books I’m aware of: Reika wa Karei na Boku no Maid; I Will Serve You Tonight; and an eight page special based on one of Reika’s apprentice maids. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

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