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Yumi: Bikini Style (Shinovi Versus)

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This fair skinned lady has been in my sights for a few years. I’ve only watched a few episodes of the Senran Kagura anime, and I own none of the games. That said, there’s something irresistible about Yumi. Perhaps it’s the fact she reminds me of Mizore from Rosario Vampire, as much as any lavender haired, blue eyed girl resembles a Yuka-Onna spirit. I preordered her last year and she arrived a few weeks ago. The natural, overcast lighting from my windows seemed decent enough to take pictures with today.

For anyone who’s curious, Yumi is not a cast-off figure. Nothing in the photos suggested she would be, but collectors cross their fingers and hope for it; there’s other Yumi figures for that. The only removable part here is her hat, attached to her head via magnet. If you have a hat fetish, I guess you’ll be happy. The figure is still NSFW in that she’s disrobing for some unspecified purpose, or simply adjusting her uncomfortable clothes. She’s very cute, in any case.

Based on the initial photos, I expected Yumi to have more melanin–she’s super white, which makes sense for characters employing snow powers. (My own color correction may give her a yellowish hue, but don’t be fooled.) I have other pale skinned figures, so I doubt it’s the color that makes me less than thrilled. Her skin texture’s not as smooth as I expected. I’ve never owned a Wave product, and their prices seem to be low to mid tier, so maybe that’s a contributor to the choice of finish.

Her breasts and ass, while ample and attractive for someone who loves the meats as much as I do, are a little too big for Yumi. Perhaps it is a strange grievance, but she’s well endowed and not thicc. To possess one without the other presents an anatomical anomaly–not that anime figures are ever anatomically correct. But the general rule for humans is this: thick here, thick there, thick everywhere.

My malaise, I suspect, is in the face. Again, Yumi is a true beauty, yet she’s shy in this figure. I enjoy figures who seem to be having a good time, or are intensely focused on some enemy I cannot see. Game face or gay face; anything else feels wrong. Chalk it up to an insane amount of personal investment and immersion, but if Yumi isn’t comfortable, I’m not comfortable. I’m sure my predilections are another collector’s banes.

I have Yumi up for sale on MyFigureCollection for $200 including shipping (in the U.S.). I can really use the money since I’m unemployed at the moment. But I do wish Yumi a good future with a collector who loves her.

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