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Yuki Fuukasetsu

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My wife took the blue light photos. I ruined them with high contrast editing. ;_;

I like to collect “original character” waifus. I can’t seem to dedicate as much time, energy, and emotions to anime series these days. It’s mostly the feels: I get too attached, become obsessed, drop a fuck ton of money, and then the obsession dies. Original character figures allow me to skip past the internal investment and go straight to shelf admiring.

Yuki Fuukasetsu is one of those original characters. She is a product by AniGift and sculpted by someone named Hayate. I believe Anigift is a newer Chinese company. MFC, being stuck in their shitty ways, still doesn’t allow Chinese figure companies and their goods to be showcased on their website. So, you won’t find Yuki there. I happened to spot this lovely lass by chance on the Amiami preorders page. I did that impulsive bullshit thing and bought her. Amazingly, she never got canceled, so I must have been truly charmed. 

I’d be a liar if I didn’t tell you it was Yuki’s thighs and stockings that sold me. The pastel color palette is a plus, but the look of that thigh squish, the sheer white knee-highs, and the “coochie wedgie” (as I’ve dubbed it) were the significant selling factors for me. It sounds more perverted than it is, I swear. I can’t help that I’m drawn to soft skin. Yuki’s skin, hence the name, looks like freshly fallen snow. Or maybe it’s because of the snowflakes on her skirt. What do I know?


 Added bonus, Yuki is a top cast-off figure. The most manageable cast-off figure I have to date. All you do is pull her apart at the waist, and her blouse slips off the front and slides back in place: no multiple limbs, no interchangeable parts, just a PVC bib to cover her huge knockers. I personally think Yuki should be displayed cast off because the boob bib creates a noticeable gap. Considering the pose is focused on this side of her, a gap is an eyesore. If you want to lose that very obvious blemish, display her with the tiddies out.

Alternatively you can change to the transparent skirt for a “teasing” look.
The ugly gap.

Overall, Yuki is simplistic, a trait I’ve come to enjoy in figure aesthetics. I will say her boobs are almost life-like. If you don’t believe me check out the photo my wife took (for you degenerates out there.) Those are impressive, most impressive. While other areas of her remain somewhat lackluster compared to the photoshopped promos, she looks pretty nice on the shelf with my other fair skinned, brunette, “milfish” babes.

I love this hair piece

Yuki comes with a HUGE fuffy base and acrylic photo. I like the image; it makes me feel like I have an anime girlfriend in the morning when I wake up before my wife reminds me I’m an idiot. I think PVC Waifu lovers can appreciate Yuki, but if you’re looking for lots of detail and a fuck ton of shit on a huge base, then Yuki isn’t the right waifu for you. 

2 responses to “Yuki Fuukasetsu”

  1. Jason Avatar

    Thanks for another fantastic review. I look forward to her appearance in PVC Waifus volume 2.


    1. Goatius Avatar

      Thank you! Volume 2 will be interesting. A lot has changed this year, and I think we’ve all gotten a little busier since Volume 1. I’ll talk to the team to see what we can pull off.


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