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PVC Waifus Works on a Naughty Norse Anthology

Submit your work today!

COVID had a large effect on anime figure manufacturing and collecting, which meant our content shifted to less photography and more writing. We wrote fan fiction, articles on otaku culture, and shared our favorite artists. We reviewed some anime, manga, and picked out the prettiest waifus based on their hair color. We launched a RedBubble store for postcards, sold a photo book, and gave away figures to our Insta fans. In June, surpassed its total viewership for all of 2020. With all that innovation and success in mind, we think it’s time to launch into our next adventure: Norse mythology.

Earlier this year, I published a fan fiction on Sen Megami Aphrodi, a figure designed by artist Mogudan. In the story, she was the guide to a warrior who trained fervently for the upcoming war between gods, Ragnarok. Red, my PVC partner-in-crime, expressed interest in reading more stories from that universe. I’d like to see more in that realm as well–but not from myself. I’d like to publish an anthology with the work of other paid writers.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been published in FIYAH Literary Magazine and Lightspeed Magazine, though I didn’t use the name Goatius on those occasions. I do part-time work for a magazine, and participate in writing communities with people passionate about their craft. I’ve run a number of blogs over the years, working with people who love anime and manga and all things otaku. So, I see an anthology project as an extension of my passion for bringing people together, and finding communities around the things I love.

For now, we’re calling this anthology Valhalla Nights: Erotic Tales from Ragnarok. We’re accepting short story submissions that explore sensuality as the age of Nordic gods draws to an end. Does the world devolve into hedonism? Is punishment enough to stop people from debauchery? Will the unloved finally shoot their shot? Do the principled stick to their ways, or redefine carnality amidst the chaos? If you’re interested in participating, here are some guidelines:

  • Stories must be 2500 words or less
  • Please submit only one story.
  • Pay rate is $50 for 2500 words (or $0.02 cents per word.)
  • Email content to
  • Please allow up to 45 days before inquiring about your submission status.
  • PVC Waifus is an inclusive space for people in love with otaku culture, plastic anime figures, and many other forms of fandom and fetish. We encourage submissions from writers of all nations, races, ethnicities, orientations, and other marginalized people.
  • We’re seeking consensual erotic content–this can include characters who are shy, or are reluctant to make the first moves in an adult relationship. We accept content that adheres to our values, and reserve the right to reject any stories that don’t resonate with us.

Alright, that’s enough from me. Get to writing!

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